Baltimore Cop Sucker-Punches Loitering Suspect Then Charges Him With Assault


“There’s a pattern here. First, these officers are stripping our clients of their dignity, their rights, then charging them with an assault that they themselves have perpetrated.”

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A video recently surfaced showing Baltimore police Officer Vincent Cosom senselessly attacking a man on the side of the street, before arresting him for “assaulting an officer”.

The suspect had not gotten physical with the police or anyone else, in fact, the newly released footage shows that the officers were the only ones being aggressive. Now, armed with new evidence, the victim of the assault is filing a lawsuit against officer Cosom.

32-year-old Kollin Truss was approached by officer Cosom when he was standing outside of a liquor store at the corner of Greenmount Ave and North Ave, in Baltimore, this past June. Cosom reportedly threatened Truss with arrest or legal penalties for loitering. In the video, the two can be seen exchanging words, and then Truss can be seen walking into the store and walking back out moments later with a woman.

When they exited the store, Cosom was just outside of the door waiting for them, and at that point the two can be seen exchanging more words on the video. Truss’s female friend can be seen attempting to pull him away from Cosom, and then Cosom pushed the woman, although she had done nothing but attempt to diffuse the situation.

Minutes later, the video captured a large group of police officers surrounding the two near a bus stop, where Cosom lunged at Truss from several feet away, hitting him in the face multiple times as Truss stood there with his hands down. After the attack, Truss was subdued by multiple officers and thrown against a nearby bus stop billboard. After the incident Truss was charged with assaulting an officer, even though it was the officer that assaulted him.

“There’s a pattern here. First, these officers are stripping our clients of their dignity, their rights, then charging them with an assault that they themselves have perpetrated. It’s the same pattern, they stripped (him of his) rights and forced him to submit. This is not Baltimore justice, it’s Baltimore horror,” Truss’s Attorney Tony Garcia said.

Cosom currently remains on the job and has not received any disciplinary action for the assault. A spokesman for the police department said that there was an internal investigation taking place into the actions of officer Cosom.

This article originally appeared at @ The Free Thought Project

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  • @gburneston4

    Can’t wait to see his fellow officers try to spin this and make excuses for him

  • Big E

    Clear act of aggression on the cop’s behalf. I’m sure there was more than a candid banter that went on back and forth that could easily ensue a fight on the street (which could also easily result in an assault charge), however, the officer is held to a higher standard. He is the professional here, not some street punk. He clearly assaulted this man. The man didn’t even fight back but the officer continued to punch him. I hope he is held accountable. His fellow officers should also be held accountable for not trying to pull him away/break up the fight. Gross abuse of their position in society.

  • Michael Webb

    Overly aggressive for sure. Fortunately for the victim this officer was a wimp as well as a hot headed coward. His form was horrible. If you can’t knock out an unsuspecting drunk guy then you probably won’t be able to defend yourself if the shit is actually hitting the fan. Fire his ass for his own sake and everyone else.