“The Daily Show” Exposes the Stupidity of Anti-Immigration (VIDEO)


If the United States would end entitlements and the War on Drugs we wouldn’t have anywhere near as many problems with immigrantion or our southern border.  United States drug prohibition has made Mexico a war zone and left it’s citizens to the wrath of the cartels.  Every person who comes to here to work and earns money also participates in our economy while they’re here.  They pay for room, board, food, clothing and the same amenities as everybody else.  They bring with them their own demands and provide supply with their labor.  This country was built on the backs of immigrants.  In 2014 not much has changed.  Immigrants are humans.  The border is an imaginary line  drawn up by some asshole who has long since died.  You have no say and can claim no credit as to which side of said imaginary line you are born on.  If you’re still feeling entitled tell your story to the “Native Americans”.


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Matt Bergman

Matt Bergman founded Punk Rock Libertarians in 2010. Formerly played guitar and sang in the Baltimore punk band “TENWATCH” and currently plays guitar and sings in “post freedom”.

  • And if immigrants come over that border and vote in large numbers for bigger government, more spending, and racial entitlements? Mexicans generally favor big government at odds with libertarian principles. Those borders drawn up by some dead asshole, if they were used, would actually enable libertarian policies to have a chance if it wasn’t for immigrants voting in big government Democrats.

    • Steven Bannister

      Exactly – every single actor in this video and every single member of Jon Stewart’s laughing audience would vote for pro-statist, anti-libertarian policies in a heartbeat. Democrats KNOW that tipping the ethnic balance of the United States will result in more statist policies – and that’s exactly why they push for Amnesty. If the Mexicans crossing the border were voting Republican or Libertarian in large numbers, the Democrats would be building a 20 ft tall fence as we speak.

    • Tom Birmingham

      please, stop eating the lead paint chips underneath the powerlines on the porch of your trailer. They’ve had a negative impact on your mental health. The only hispanic community I know of that gets “free stuff” is the cuban community in south florida that receive full citizenship as soon as their foot gets off the boat onto dry US soil and they all vote Republican. The mexican community are hard working people and very necessary for our economic health. You really should pull your head out of your ass for a bit and go and look at agricultural industry in the US and how hurt it’s been and how this has lead to food inflation and increase of imports to cover the shortfalls.

      • I could return fire with personal insults. But I’m just too weary to do so. I will highlight the Industrial revolution and the mechanization of labor to prove your argument completely inadequate. If BigAg found that one day those laborers cost too much they would buy a machine that did the work for them cheaper. Then I’d point out the excessive use of our healthcare system in South/Southwest states by Mexicans without insurance. Hospital facilities have degraded. Then I’d add on top of that the cost of raising the children of illegals, and legal, immigrants. $10,000 per head every year. Then I’d underline it all by pointing out that Mexicans, particularly, are low wage earners that don’t pay into the American system as much as they take out creating a net drag not only on our economy, but our society. This doesn’t even include the cultural fragmentation incurred by Spanish speakers displacing blacks and whites.

        Woefully lacking your argument is. May I suggest using logic before spewing insults? I don’t think you are all that bright to begin with, but you can at least attempt decency.

  • Tyrel McClellan

    Yes, this country was built by immigrants but those immigrant came here to be “from” here. They left their flags and oftentimes their very names behind to become citizens of the USofA. That is not the case at the souther border and you liberal, scum sympathizers know it. You seek to destroy what MY ancestors built.