Dead Kids Are More Important Than Gay Marriage


And I’m gay.

Like me, you’ve probably seen half of your Facebook friends spring up with red & pink HRC equal sign profile pictures. You eventually figured out what they were about: the Supreme Court case on California’s Proposition 8 that would legalize gay marriage.

So the issue of gay marriage is important for many libertarians; I personally support marriage laws, while they exist, to apply equally to everyone, including the LGBTQ crowd. Of course, I’d like there to be no marriage laws.

Marriage licenses were first invented to prohibit interracial marriages, so they suck.

However, I changed my profile picture to a photo of dead Middle Eastern kids. Why? Why not?

I know it’s not as trendy these days to CONTINUE TO HARP ON ABOUT THOSE KIDS WE’RE KILLING OVERSEAS. But I guess I’m just not that cool.

It makes me angry that half of my friends who changed their profile photos to support gay marriage voted for Obama. He changed his stance on gay marriage in an election year to get the gay vote; that’s personally insulting.

And his stance isn’t particularly radical: His stance is pretty much what Republican Congressman Ron Paul’s had been for his entire political career. “Let the states deal with it.”

This just further illustrates that people, by and large, will only care about the causes they’re “allowed” to care about, causes that are sanctioned and promoted by the media and their favorite celebrities.

It makes me sick every time I see my profile picture, and I hope it makes everyone else sick as well.
I’m sick of dead kids.

It’s a luxury to debate over gay marriage in a country where we don’t have to fear daily that we’re going to be drone bombed for no reason. We’re lucky, and at this point, gay marriage is a first world problem that pales in comparison to the importance of ending our murderous and pointless foreign wars.

Bring the troops home. Then let’s get married.

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  • Well spoken!!!!!!! At first i was disturbed at seeing the face of a dead child as your profile pic, but after a half a second of thought my conclusions was a combination of “well duh!” and “EXACTLY!” i don’t know whats more disturbing, the fact that it is STILL happening daily, or the fact that people are happy to stick their fingers in their ears and scream “LALALALALALALALALA!” until you shut up and go away.

  • Hairazor

    Tell it! Felt my discontent rise with every profile change yesterday. I wanted to say something like “this is what we decide to all get pissed about?!” WAKE UP! Thank you for this article.

    • I guess what I don’t understand is why changing an avi pic denotes that a person is a single issue voter.

  • Very good editorial. Thanks very much for sharing it.

  • Harry

    Such a great point and well said. I’m stealing this photo for my profile photo. Wish I had thought of it.

  • “It’s a luxury to debate over gay marriage in a country where we don’t
    have to fear daily that we’re going to be drone bombed for no reason.”- YET…

  • But not a Newtown/Aurora/Tuscon child?

    • Tragic yes, but not killed by our government and paid for with our money.

      • Crime victims do cost tax payer’s money. Lots of it too.

    • James Stevens

      Pay attention, Brinda. Stop, literally, distracting yourself from the point being made in the article. War destroys countries and families. It is a financial burden for generations to come, not to mention a psychological one for the soldiers coming home knowing they killed innocent people. The massacres you listed are all due to incredibly poor screening for mental illness and, in the Newtown case, poor judgement by a parent. This article is not about gun control, it is about the death of thousands of human beings (including children) for the sole purpose of financial gain and how the media DISTRACTS the public with non-issues like gay marriage. Please, stay focused on the topic at hand.

      • I just asked a question. I didn’t turn it in to any of those things. Trust, I am paying attention. Plenty of attention.

  • Joe Lanzendorfer

    I thought Ron Paul’s stance was the same as yours: that the government shouldn’t be involved with marriage. I guess he meant “federal” government. I age with you though. The states rights thing is one thing where i disagree with Ron Paul. We can’t let states violate people’s rights. As long as any level of government is involved, we need to make sure everyone is equal under the law. More importantly, we need to stop acting like the rights we have here in the United States are “granted” by the government and start treating them like the universal rights they are, starting by not murdering people in other countries as if they’re worth less than our own lives. Thank you for writing this.

    • Joe Lanzendorfer

      Agree with you, not age with you. I gotta stop trying to type long things on my phone.

  • Tsunami

    OMG you hit the nail on the head! I support gay marriage 100%, but I hate the fact that we are drone bombing countries we aren’t at war with and people are ignoring the fact. So much for the winning the Nobel Peace Prize, Obama.

  • Punkgyver

    I think there is a certain predictability with war in that war = death. Is Emilie saying “stop the foreign death of innocence, but keep the domestic death going”? Hardly.

    Just simply that there are bigger fish to fry and while this is getting the spotlight, there are more worthy things to focus on. The government and media are masters of the slight of hand and while this issue is of consequence to many people, there certainly are more pressing matters that we’re being distracted from.

  • The article says: “Marriage licenses were first invented to
    prohibit interracial marriages, etc.” That is incorrect. On Jewish marriage
    rites, for example, we find the following teaching:

    Rabbi Aharon Halevi, author of “Sefer Ha-Chinukh,” mitzvah #
    552, writes: “Of the logic behind this one commandment, [we find] that the
    Torah has commanded us to perform an act before taking a wife, a matter that is
    intended to show that they are a couple united in wedlock before he lies down
    with her carnally, and that he not come upon her as one would do to a harlot,
    where there is no other act that precedes what goes on between them…” Rabbi
    Aharon Halevi also says that, according to Maimonides, the prohibition which
    states (Deut. 23:18), “There shall not be a prostitute amongst the
    daughters of Israel,” applies to our need of regulating marriage in the
    way that we do today, by requiring the said Jewish marriage rite. Ramban
    (Nachmanides), however, disagrees, and says that the above verse applies only
    to the prohibition of having conjugal affairs with women that are not permitted
    unto Jewish men to marry.

    In Jewish law, a Marriage Contract (Ketubbah) is also
    drawn-up before the wedding ceremony, and read aloud on the night of their
    wedding before the bridegroom and bride. Failure to do so, or where there is no
    Marriage Contract, the bridegroom is deemed as having no more than a
    promiscuous relationship with a woman (Heb. בעילת זנות),
    may G-d forbid.

    • PunkRockLibertarians

      I believe Emilie was referring to the use of marriage licenses in America specifically.

    • So basically you are saying that we can have a marriage contract without the interference of government! Awesome!

    • Wynn

      Ben-Abraham, I think marriage law has been around for quite awhile. This atheist thinks it is good since it protects mainly woman and child against a man who may get bored/change his mind and run of. Marriage is important to protect children. If there are no children from the two, I don’t think benefits should be given (by gov’t or co. pension) to a surviving spouse, regardless of sexual orientation. A happily married couple is a beautiful thing and beneficial to society. But, now I am hearing that some married couples are taxed at a higher rate !

  • dude you rock bout time a gay person called that shit out. Obama did it purely to get the gay vote yet a majority of gays i know voted purely on that issue and where used like tools to win an election. and where the fuck has the anti war left been for the past 5 years because last time i checked we where still in Afghanistan yet obama is the no war president as he drones more people than george bush could have a wet dream about. same fucking president different fucking party hasn’t anybody figured out that they are are both the freaking same and no one will ever bite into the other pet programs, social programs for dems and defense funding for rep and they play off each other in this game where only they win.

  • Yes, Obomba hypocrites suck and stopping murder is more important than marriage. However, we as a society don’t have problems walking and chewing gum at the same time. We have different functionaries. This is a prioritization argument – which never make sense: problems shouldn’t be ignored because there are greater problems to be recognized. That’s like saying we shouldn’t send firefighters to a burning house because there were too many handgun victims last weekend. I’m not willing to live with marriage inequality, or any inequality, while we try fruitlessly to escape the thumb of the American oligarchy that perpetuates endless war.

    BTW, “Marriage licenses were first invented to prohibit interracial marriages, so they suck.” <- totally hogwash. Marriage was, to our knowledge, first legislated by the Sumerians about 5000 years ago to establish how women could be forced into marriage, and what the legal ramifications were. Romans revised the laws to ensure that marriage was consensual.

  • Ron Paul and President Obama do not have the same stance on gay marriage. The SCOTUS is hearing argument about DOMA, which is the law that says federal government may not recognize same sex marriage even if the states allowed it. This means that military members and federal employees do not get benefits for the same sex spouse, and no same sex couples get to file their taxes as married. Any federal government authority that involves the recognition of spouses, like immigration, is affected by DOMA. It doesn’t sound like it’s a big deal, until you deal with it yourself. Ron Paul supports DOMA. The administration is ready to see DOMA go.

    • lol

      He supported DOMA due to states-rights ideals. If he didn’t support DOMA, then suddenly the ability for a state to choose what it will or will not support disappears, as it has to support the definition and legality of marriage that is defined by other states and not what it has decided on its own.

      • Regardless, the position is not the same. The Constitution btw, has something called the full faith and credit clause that says that other states are to honor the “public acts, records and judicial proceedings of other states.” DOMA allowed states to sidestep the constitution in that respect. Odd that Ron would take that position, don’t you think?

        And DOMA also defines marriages for federal purpose, which isn’t a power outlined in the Constitution. It also overrides the authority of the states to deal with marriages, which is in clear opposition to the tenth amendment.

  • And I’m not going to go through your blog and find any other issues that you care about and say “HOW DARE YOU CARE ABOUT OTHER ISSUES WHILE CHILDREN ARE DYING,” but it would be totally valid. This is bullshit. Yes, dying children are important, but the supreme court isn’t currently hearing arguments about it. When the supreme court hears arguments about our war, I’ll change my profile pic to something related.

    In the meantime, how about we just straighten this shit out and move on.

  • “Marriage licenses were first invented to prohibit interracial marriages, so they suck.” Marriage licenses were introduced to prevent marriages between close relatives producing hereditary birth defects. They were also used to protect the child’s future rights to inherited property, status inheritance, etc.

    • These benefits existed before in the form of contracts that two consenting individuals could sign (Even if they were often too stupid to do it). Marriage Licenses were a way for the government to profit off of the standardization of this contract while also giving them the power to socially engineer our country to ensure we only have “Proper” couples.

      Don’t even believe the government’s reason for something. The Federal Reserve STILL claims it prevents fluctuations in our economy yet the hundred years since its establishment have been the most economically turbulent in human history. Government tells you what you want to hear to allow them to operate, regardless of whether it is a complete lie or not.

  • Sounds interesting, until you actually think about it and realize the logic here is that because A is worse than B, we shouldn’t care about B. Totally juvenile.

    • Don’t know if “juvenile” is the right word. My point is: Why aren’t people outraged over dead kids? Why is gay marriage MORE important to the American population than the kids our government is killing?

      That’s my point.

      American public = what dead kids? Yay equal sign.

      Me = outraged.

      • You can’t take back dead kids. It’s shitty to ask people to wait to be treated as equals, yes. But you cannot take back dead kids. And to all my left friends slobbering over Obama for being dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century (even though he supported gay marriage in 1996) I ask, why exactly are dead kids something you can tolerate? Why do so many of you like Obama, really like him, in spite of the fact that you. cannot. take. back. dead. kids.

  • I hate the argument that because one cause is “greater”, means you cannot stand for other causes? Right now the Supreme Court is deciding this very issue, they are not in the moment talking about “dead kids”. Gay marriage may be a “first world issue”, since in other countries you are beaten and can be put to death for being gay. If one group’s civil liberties are threatened (in this case they are denied), society as a whole is affected. I am sick of dead gay kids- bullied, made to feel like they are wrong and evil. Maybe changing the way we view it as a whole can prevent some kids from killing themselves (so there you go, it can save some kids!). I care about MANY issues- Veterans, GMOs, Gay Marriage, Abortion etc, and for the love of pete do not abuse a dog… We are complex individuals, with the capability to have more than one thought in our mind. Now is the time to let the Supreme Court know how we feel regarding this ONE issue. It does not dismiss or diminish value in the countless other issues our world faces.

    • Adi Oliver

      I’m a lesbian but in my experience many gays can be discriminatory too.

  • gay marriage, two simple words! and yes, it may seem a luxury… to those of us who are fortunate enough not to suffer bigotry, prejudice, violence, loss of rights, freedoms, good mental health, self efficacy, employment, etc., etc., etc. IT IS NOT, because it is not just about ‘getting hitched’. it is about all of the above and more, and this is why it needs to be vigorously challenged. yes you are right about dead children. u have an audience. so dunna be trading one human issue off against another. launch your voice behind that you feel the most deserving and recruit others. who knows what you may achieve?

  • Jayke

    equality is merely a first world problem now? this is a big step toward a greater future and a greater mindset for this country that we all love to bitch about.
    I was with ya in the beginning, but then it got a little stupid.

  • Claire

    You are awesome. That’s exactly what I was thinking when I saw all the red equality signs too. A this point that is the last thing I am concerned with. MariGE is ridiculous anyways. I’m never gonna do that shit. FUCK THE GOVERNMENT! They will only continue to have the power to rule our lives if we sit back and fucking let them.

  • Rebecca

    There is no such thing as luck. The reason our country does not have to fear being drone bombed for no reason, is because of God’s blessing. Everything good is from God.

  • devin

    I’m not “pro-dead kids” by any means, but I call BU$%(t on your “and I’m gay” part. You either are absolutely NOT gay or a completely self-hating gay.

    • Adi Oliver

      I’m a lesbian but I’ve been left disappointed by the gay ‘community’ because it is actually full of intolerance, even though you’d expect the opposite.

  • EatShit

    And where were you Libertarian assholes when Bush was bombing Iraq? Shut the fuck up hypocrites there’s nothing “Libertarian” about Punk Rock.

  • yes because this is going on let’s forget about all other social issues and injustices, i swear some of you guys are just hipsters trying to be libertarians by hating anything in “mainstream “politics

    • oh and he got the gay vote in the first term with the repeal DaDt during his entire administration he’s actually been fairly good for gay rights he only announced he’d not defend Doma during the last campaign

    • Adi Oliver

      That’s not what she said though.

  • cowlick

    Our illustrious POTUS is giving the orders, hhummm YOU voted for IT!

    As for “marriage” Get the state out of “marriage” ABSOLUTELY!! But the state prohibits many people from “marriage”, but the churches don’t. So are these other people less important and why do they not bang their fist about changing the definition of marriage? Or is the way a group of people are to stick their finger in the faith-based proverbial eye, especially Christians?

    If it is the so-called Tax benefit/advantage then Change the Tax code (repeal 16th Amendment and eliminate current fed income tax laws) and institute the FAIR Tax, that way NOBODY has an advantage it is only based on what YOU consume regardless of marital status.

  • Brian

    People, please. Go easy on him. It’s hard to have a brain so underdeveloped that you can only care about one thing at a time, or to be so ignorant of politics that you don’t notice when the Supreme Court is hearing major cases.

  • Aubrey Moore

    You’re right. So many other things to think about… I’ll get right on that.

  • Aubrey

    You’re right. So many other things to think about. I’ll get right on that.

  • Aubrey


  • radio host

    How about teaching kids in Muslim countries the value and sanctity of life, and the equality of every human being, so that if they aren’t killed they don’t grow up to be terrorists? How about teaching them to ditch the Koran, and live with the rest of the world in peace?

  • Jewel65

    I’m sorry, but I take great offense at the notion that just because I am currently involved and interested in the fight for marriage equality, I don’t give a fig about children who are dying everyday overseas. As a parent, I assert that your assumption is actually very insulting.

    I have a social conscience just as you do, however, I do not need to have someone prioritize it for me. Combating hate on any level, anywhere is a great thing, whether it be here in the USA or overseas. So stop pointing the finger at others for choosing which battle to fight, follow your conscience, and let others follow theirs.

  • I’m glad you’re taking a stand to highlight an issue that is being overlooked by so many, simply because it is too dreadful to face. It is easy to get caught up in media issues – there are so many that affect us daily. Yes – same sex marriage is one of those, and it is such a no-brainer, I can’t believe that it still even needs discussion. What does need to be discussed is forced marriage, the abuse of children, innocent people being killed because of ‘religion’. You are taking a pretty full on approach here. Good on you!

  • I couldn’t agree more. I feel that my freedoms weren’t won at the end of a gun, I was born this way: Free. So why should I buy into this bullshit? What, because it’s in black and white it somehow makes it more real? I understand that it’s about equal rights, but why would you participate in a system that would deny you those rites in the first place? I think Good ol’ Henry David Thoreau said it best, “What I have to do is to see, at any rate, that I do not lend myself to the wrong which I condemn.” The system is self-perpetuating. Even if you put positivity into it, you’re still feeding it.

  • drenman

    Why didn’t we have a similar “bait and switch” call out on Obamaramadingdong when everyone was goo-goo gah-gah about SOPA, and “Internet Rights” meanwhile that silly puppet signed the NDAA….and everyone said I was being paranoid, “can’t happen here….” OK, why does the Dept. of Fatherla….I mean, Homeland Security need, 2,700 MRAPS (stands for Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicles? Are we supposed to have mines and ambushes in the HOMELAND?!?! What do they need 7,000 REAL assault weapons, and I’m not supposed to have ONE .22 caliber semi automatic rifle? And then they’ve got that 2 billion rounds of ammo….uhhh….”oh those…they’re for practice…a lot of practice…” with hollow points no less, cause shooting ranges, and backstops hold up GREAT to those….

    Keep up the good work. You are talking about covering UP one issue, albeit important, but also very trendy now…., while another was passed under the noses of most of everyone in the country. It scares me…I’ve been protesting Presidents since Reagan. This one, and after Bush I’d thought I’d never say this, or even fear speaking it online, scares me the MOST. Which is why I AM TALKING ABOUT IT.

    I have many GAY family and friends. MANY.
    I get what you’re doing and I support you.

  • It makes me angry that half of my friends who changed their profile photos to support “gay marriage voted for Obama. He changed his stance on gay marriage in an election year to get the gay vote; that’s personally insulting.”

    Yes! I wish more people would keep calling Obama and the people who voted for him out on this issue. He’s obviously isn’t fully supportive of marriage equality, and he’s obviously isn’t as anti-war as he made himself out to be.

  • DeathORLiberty

    Fuck marriage licenses and fuck about marriage benefits. The state has no place in it.
    I’m not gay, but I don’t like the idea of the state requiring a license for me to marry. It’s my right and I don’t need gov’ment permission to exercise my right dammit.

  • Wynn

    Let’s look at WHY we are at war overseas: oil, religion, and, maybe a shipping channel. So, ‘drill here, drill now’, but keep the oil IN the US and use some of that money to finance research into more efficient energy and to reimburse the poor folks who will have land either taken away or churned up by bulldozers putting pipes on their property. This is like eminent domain, an ugly thing, so the oil should stay HERE in the US. Green Peace and other environmental groups should have a say and maybe even access to video tape.
    We must realize that a person’s relationship with his/her diety is NOT to be imposed apon others and so should not have ANY sway in decision making. Let Isra-El (God’s Land) stop hiding behind the skirts of its protector, the USA, after throwing things at the enemy. Stop giving them money or selling them weapons.
    The Bible says somewhere that the kingdom of god is within you. So theists should stop thinking od Isra-El as the Holy Land …the bible says otherwise in many verses.

  • Maik E

    OMG blame America first, without considering the tyrannical and brutal regimes that do far worse to those same people. Blame America for the Islamic extremists and the theocratic fascist countries in the world. Wake up. This, unfortunately, is the real world. While we are fighting these people who want nothing more then to destroy western civilization and institute a worldwide caliphate there will be tragedies. Don’t for a second think that these people do not want that. If you do, you are remarkably naive. They want a world governed by Islamic law, by force if necessary, and they would like to bury the freedoms that come with liberal western governments. Your self righteous BS is old and dangerous. Your whining for a utopia is pitiful and is impossible given the nature of humanity. Wake up asshole.