Hero Cops Assault and Arrest Two Marines Who Were Giving First Aid to an Unconscious Man


Two active duty U.S. Marines have been charged with felony assault and battery charges stemming from an altercation with San Diego police officers and face the possibility of being dishonorably discharged from the service if convicted, as well as up to three years in prison.

By Jay Syrmopoulos via The Free Thought Project.

Although being charged with assault and battery, video captured on an officer’s body camera indicates a different set of circumstance than the narrative put forth by the officers involved in the incident, and backs up claims made by the men and their attorneys.

The Marines claim that they were simply being good Samaritans and rendering aid to an unknown victim that was lying unconscious on the ground when police attacked them.

The two men stated that they were out celebrating the return of a fellow Marine from Afghanistan when they witnessed a fight take place. One of the participants in the fight, who was unknown to either Marine, was knocked unconscious. Both men rushed to the side of the victim and attempted to render aid to the unconscious man on the ground.

What can be clearly seen in the video is police rushing in and attempting to manhandle the two Marines as they are in the process of attempting to give aid to the unconscious man on the ground.

Police have attempted to paint Robert Reginato, 21, one of the Marines charged in the incident, as an aggressor claiming in the police report that he, “forcibly grabbed an officer to free his friend from police. When an officer attempted to arrest him, he resisted. The only way he was taken into custody is after the sergeant punched him several times in the face.”

But the video clearly shows something else transpiring, as another officer on the scene can be heard clearly shouting, “Sarg! Sarg! Sarg! No punching Sarg,” as if he clearly could tell the officer throwing the heavy-handed punches was going too far with his actions.

Paul Neuharth, Reginato’s attorney said, “What you’re seeing here appears to be assault and battery under color of authority and is definitely a violation of the civil rights of these Marines,” according to ABC 10 News.

Why should two Marines, acting to provide assistance to an unconscious man lying on the ground, be assaulted by police simply because the officers rush into an area without any idea as to what is going on, but fueled by fear and adrenaline?

Neuharth told reporters “You’ve got two Marines that will be kicked out of the Marine Corps as a result of this if convicted of those felonies, which started as giving First Aid to an unconscious person they never knew.”

These Marines were being exemplary citizens and should be applauded for their actions, but instead they were attacked by jackboot thugs operating under the color of law.

The San Diego District Attorney’s Office said in a statement, “We can only file criminal charges when we believe we can prove them beyond a reasonable doubt, as we do in this case. We are moving forward with the case and will be presenting evidence at the upcoming preliminary hearing.”

The DA knows full well there is a difference between the letter of the law and the intent behind it. Perhaps these men did violate the letter of the law, but they in no way violated the intent of the law. This case is a perfect example of what is wrong with our system, we have reached a point at which common sense no longer exists.

Where is the morality in prosecuting these men?

Because these Marines didn’t allow themselves to simply be manhandled by overly aggressive cops they now face up to 3 years in prison, and for what? For taking the time to assist someone they didn’t even know.

Where is the justice for these Marines? Is this the treatment they deserve for attempting to help someone who was incapacitated? Just another indication of how out of control our law enforcement apparatus truly is.

This article originally appeared on The Free Thought Project.

  • marinebrother86

    Seriously? I think you [police] are just pissed off that this footage of you taking your position as “law enforcement” over the line revealed what you actually do! The marines are the heros, NOT YOU!!!! You claim to serve and protect…. WHATEVER!!!! I hope you get what you deserve!!! Good for the marines for standing up to this crap!

  • Mgmue mgmu

    Never trust a pig.

  • Target4Tyrants

    Such terrible people they find to wear the badges.

    • qweztionz5

      they’re the only scum who will carry out crimes on behalf of their employers

  • mike k.

    No one will do a thing to these cops though, right? They assault 2 MARINES and at most will get a paid leave?

    Disgusting, sad, and a sign there are no patriots in that entire city.

  • Mark

    The cops need to be in jail! They don’t have good judgement under stress. The D.A. better pull it’s head putt of its ass and do right by the Marine’s. Clearly cops overstepping the law!

  • Mike

    The cops should’ve been killed by the crowd. We’re getting closer, though. Keep it up, piggies.

    • Everyone

      Hang it up you’re expendable. Open up us, normal people with a functioning brain, a packing space or something.

  • chapear

    Its pretty simple. The officers involved should be charged with domestic terrorism and be prosecuted accordingly.

  • Mr. Inc og nito

    Look, you guys can rag on the cops all you want. they seem to be in the wrong here, but I did eight years in the Marines, and I can tell you all cops aren’t bad. I’ve been out drinking with buddies after getting back from Iraq and a friend of a friend got blackout drunk, forcibly ejected from two bars and in several altercations. A cop came by and asked if he was all right. The guy yelled “F U” and punched the cop in the face. It was a glancing blow, but we were horrified. The cop just rolled with the punch, looks calmly at us and says “You need to get your friend home NOW.

    We assured him we were, but the taxi took too long. The cop put the guy in the back of his car and drove him to the gate at camp pendleton. When the gate guard asked if he’d done anything, the cop replied, “No, he just drank too much to drive and the taxi service ran out of cabs so I offered to give him a ride back.”

    There’s cops like that all over the place. Not all cops are douchers.

    • jobo

      I’m definitely not a fan of cops, but I agree with you wholeheartedly. There is good and bad in everybody and every profession. The sad thing is that none of the good gets reported. Just like when we was in Iraq and Afghanistan all the media did was report all the bad stuff going on. You very rarely saw anything on TV shoeing the good stuff that we did over there, like building schools and feeding people.

    • Brion Boyles

      I have partial hearing loss from the SDPD…who jumped ME at a concert after I GOT JUMPED by a Latino gang. I was drenched in the beer I had bought and was taking back to our seats…the SDPD insisted I was drunk ( I hadn’t even TASTED the beer) and threw me down and beat me. I was then thrown in the drunk tank and left there until the next morning, despite my asking for medical assistance for the blood coming from my ear. I asked for a breathylizer, and was denied. I was released at 6 AM, penniless, and had to walk the 7 miles to catch my ship before she sailed…YES, I said SHIP. I was in the Navy, and that is why I feel I was treated like I was. Dogs and sailors, stay off the grass in San Diego.

  • Gabe1971

    Police protect & serve The State. It’s not protecting & serving the average schmoe on the street. Until people comprehend that and accept it, this will continue to happen.
    As to the claim that “not all cops are bad” – When they stand by while their “brother officers” commit assault, theft, rape, and murder and they don’t publicly call for the immediate dismissal and prosecution to the fullest extend, they’re enabling the behavior. If other cops won’t ‘back you up’ because you ‘ratted’, they too are culpable of the same crimes. I have zero respect for that position and thus, ACAB until proven otherwise.
    To me, the reason they’re called pigs is because they believe themselves to be like the pigs in “Animal Farm”; they believe they are more equal than everyone else.

  • macy619

    lol at the picture that was used at the top of this article

  • James Freeman

    To the admins: I am glad that you have shared this video, and have posted it to my wall. That being said, I recommend that you change the photo at the top of this story. Those troops you have displayed I believe are some South American Naval Infantry or something, but definitely not US Marines, or US anything. Please correct yourself, as it will likely bring a lot of unnecessary distraction to the discussion amongst Marines and the police who may be drawn to your site.

  • nate

    Man, I’ve been a Marine for 6 years now and all in the infantry. I can tell you I know how Marines can be when they’ve been drinking. Its not always the cops. These assholes shouldn’t have even come at the cops in the first place no matter if they did disagree.

  • yungGoku

    title of the article is misleading “hero cops assault two marines”. some bullshit.

  • Jay

    Clearly a chaotic scene, give the guys a break. Everyone hating on cops. Put as much energy into stopping crime and we wouldn’t need them. Police have helped me on numerous occasions, I’m thankful they were there. Stop categorizing all cops as one its fucking stupid. Might as well group races and sexes too with that thought process. People always say stupid shit like how could people of been nazis, i would never blahs blah blah. But look how quick you are to exercise that thought process. Get real. You are the problem. Soft as baby shit.

  • James

    MARINES — do not go there and spend any money ever again !!!!!!
    Don’t do any Business in anyway with that City

  • What is the name of the DA who filed charges?

    The cops were in the wrong, but the real problem here is filing charges.

    Name and shame!