Hey you, with the safety pin! You’re a bigot and here’s why.


You are safe now, with me. How? Look, I am wearing a safety pin. You can trust me. Guess what, if this is you, you my friend are a bigot. Here is why. First fallacy, Trump being a racist, rapist, and LGBTQ predator is a thought you chose to let enter your mind by your media of choice. You saw your friend thumb-upping articles that called Trump names. It’s fun to huddle under the covers and hide from monsters. Well, it’s fun if you have a monster you know can’t actually hurt you. I know this because horror movies don’t show a guy in a hospital bed dying of cancer for two hours. People don’t want to be scared; they want the thrill of being scared. Point is, you let your media filter sit on its ass and forgot what was actually true about Trump.

Trump is not Hitler, Trump is a Jersey Shore Baller.

If you’re going to claim fear because Trump exists, what about the Jersey guy we both know packed your Amazon package last Monday. You know that guy high-fived his buddy because he got some revenge butt sex from his ex while she clung to the water heater. Men are crude creatures. They will trash talk women and if all the guys you know are liberal and shriek and say “no one does that at my gym” they don’t have masculine friends. They certainly haven’t been in a military barracks. Yes, men are crude and cruel. But ladies, holy Jesus, don’t even get me started. Crap, too late. What about the girl who convinces you she loves you so she can get a new roof on her house and a pre-owned Honda? Meanwhile, you’re married, calling her voicemail at another pretty sunset while she’s getting boned on a day-rental yacht and telling you she’s with her sick dad. The point is, no one is safe, men or women. A safety pin does not address nor make anyone safe; boundaries do. And boundaries apply to the media you choose to eat. You eat those words like alphabet soup but your mind is digesting every letter. This appetite is causing you indigestion and you are shaming other people for it in two ways.

  1. You are projecting myth onto a constructed demagogue, Donald J Trump.
  2. You are projecting your already projected qualities onto 59.4 million voters (and counting).

Do I need to explain this? You do know what a bigot is right? If not, look at your profile pic with the safety pin. You are judging the entire contents of someone’s character and intentions on some graphite in an oval. That person had one out of three to five choices. If ovals scare you, you need to stop voting. You are not afraid. You are pissed. You are pissed at Clinton’s Frankenstein. That poor, stupid, orange, club-footed reality star who stumbled into the party and literally kicked everybody’s ass in the tent and still left with the prize.

The media is more like professional wrestling than professional wrestling.

If you are a liberal, you’ve always known this about Fox News but assumed the Daily Show must be legit. You might have been assuming CNN or ABC was still on the straights. News is produced.  Think about that. News is not reported. News is produced. You can parse that out and see how there’s a really big difference between these two things. Think of how you watch an infomercial. That’s how you should watch your news. You’ve got this skeptical healthy boundary to the whole thing. You could take it or leave it. Either way, you know deep down, their goal is not for you to be healthier or look great. They don’t begrudge you that, of course. But that’s not the goal. That show is produced too. It’s produced for a specific reason. You know that. As you look at your news, look at the advertisers on that show, but also look at who owns the network. What are their priorities? More importantly, do you think a corporation would ever just own media because they had journalistic integrity? Yes, corporations can possess integrity, but like the infomercial, it’s not their target.

Think about it, I’m obviously a bitter, divorced, white male who doesn’t owe you a dime. I am a written infomercial where I’m hoping to gain some readers. This is my first published article so my ego is on the line and I’ve already wasted most of my Saturday afternoon versus hanging drywall like I should be doing. See, you need boundaries with this piece too. Thanks for reading and grow some boundaries.

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Austin True

A mushroom lurking under the canopy of southern appalachia.

  • bob

    This article is such crap.
    Trump is a bigot. No hes not hitler but then hitler wasnt hitler when he was elected either.

    • 8-bit Crusader

      The only bigots here are the triggered SJW’s losing their collective minds over this election.

    • Draych

      Hey, how’s that CNN consumption treating you? It looks like the side effects are showing

  • Kate

    Great job generalizing in this article. How drunk were you when you wrote it?

  • John Johnson

    Great article. Most people don’t realize what you are pointing out about news media. It is entertainment. In fact, in the late 1980’s management of the major network news divisions was changed from having real journalists and news hounds running them to placing them into their entertainment divisions. They are programmed to keep you in a constant state of fear (thank you Michael Crichton) to keep you watching because they can only make money by selling access to audiences for advertisers. You are the product being sold and they need to be able to “bucketize” you to advertisers. Think of all the things that were supposed to kill us over the last 30 years. AIDS, Global Warming, SARS, Swine flu, West Nile Virus, Ebola, etc. Think about all the scare tactics being used to keep you tuned in. “Big storm hits Chicago, could it be coming our way Tune in at 11”.

  • scott rees

    Darn ovals filled with graphite! I had no idea those were what was scaring some people! Kind of funny and true that it boils down to that. And then the graphite grows into Godzilla.

  • Heatherangel Libby

    1. Continuing to validate the “locker room” behavior and thinking with “boys will be boys”? Men everywhere need to start being outraged that this myth of masculinity keeps getting perpetuated by small thinkers like you.
    2. Duh, media is biased and generally unreliable. If you are swallowing it whole then you are being conditioned and manipulated.
    3. You don’t get to name anyone else’s feelings. People are allowed to be scared, angry, elated or any combination or place in between. Only they know what they feel, and you are completely unqualified to tell them they are pissed, not scared.
    4. Screw you, you self important, privileged, ignorant mouth piece. Have a lovely evening.

    • George Tank Ward


    • The truth is, women fart. It makes them more real though and that’s what men are truly attracted to, realness. I’m not condoning any behavior, I’m telling you this is the reality and that like women farting, it is best pretended to never happen. You’re right about point 3. Spot on and I missed it. Point 2 is not a “duh” at all. Fear is rampant now because they’ve forgotten news is produced. Boundaries give a person safety inside their own skin. Seeking safety anywhere else creates a unhealthy semblance point outside oneself. This also creates a vampiric effect with the pin bearer despite their kind intent. Thanks for posting your feedback. -the author

      • Wrane

        People can set their boundaries, but they can not control who chooses to respect them. The truth is that your privilege is showing here. Marginalized people do not get to walk through the same world as you. Trump is not scary because he has some overlord type of power over our country. He is scary because he makes it okay to talk about women that way. Because he encourages violence as an acceptable response to discord. Because he offers a safe space for discrimination. Because he validates racism and directly benefits from it. Trump is scary because he gave permission to violate people’s boundaries, regardless of their protest. The purpose of the safety pin is to send a message that ‘I will respect your boundaries. If I see someone else disregarding your boundaries, I will help you, with my words and my body, to reinforce them.’ Don’t misunderstand, the safety pin is not an appropriate substitute for having to do actual work in breaking down systems of inequality. But it’s a symbol of your intention.

        • You’ve missed my point about how people have let their boundaries be violated by a media that was focused on their needs not anyone left feeling afraid. The boundaries I’m talking about predate race and privilege. They come from trusting a media when they needed their guard up.

      • Heatherangel Libby

        I could not disagree more that we should pretend crude behavior just doesn’t happen. When we start rejecting that myth of masculinity we won’t have to pretend. To compare that type of thinking and behavior to the biological function of farting is incorrect. Women fart without choice, it is a function of their physiology. Misogyny is not a function of the male anatomy. It is learned, taught, and expected behavior that does not need to occur. Stop perpetuating the idea that it is any other way.

        • You’re shaming masculinity because it doesn’t fit with your ideology. Masculinity is not something you are in charge of nor is it something you are qualified to dictate its shape or expect it in your size and color. Stop demanding men fit into your tighty-whitey definition. Men can be raw and still masculine. You’re the equivalent of the man which expects a woman to keep her legs shaved in this case. Thanks for reading commenting.

          • Heatherangel Libby

            Again, not even comparable. What you are describing as being “raw” is not masculinity. It is toxic, stunted thinking that has been perpetuated by generations of “man-up” spewing troglodytes who have yelled louder than the rest of us on this subject. Masculinity by definition is whatever is regarded as the common expectation of characteristics shared by men. In this respect we all are “in charge” of defining masculinity, it’s color and shape. I do not believe behavior perpetuating sexual assault, objectification, and disrespect of women is the common expectation of men. I am very sorry for you if you do think so. It is a perversion of what being masculine should mean.

          • Sweet a woman telling a man how to be masculine. I am not in charge of my fellow men. I’m in charge of myself. The truth is, a man just told you what it’s like to be a man and you are inclined to correct him. You don’t want to understand men, you want to shame men who don’t fit into your understanding of them. I recognize the wide swath of men I have met and am reporting on the truth they have shown me. Men can’t be men in front of women. You’d never know that but it doesn’t seem to matter to you. You’ve decided you are more qualified than every one else to decide and judge what kind of behavior is acceptable
            to you. You don’t want a man you want a tall child you can tell how to act. Sadly, so many men have turned themselves into children to be accepted by people like yourself. Men are raw or most can be and need to be. You don’t get to decide what is acceptable for men and you don’t get to publicly shame them for not fulfilling your definition. You’re not sorry, you’re attempting to shame my response by pretending you hold all the virtue. If you really wanted to understand men you’d be asking questions not telling
            a man how wrong he is to have a perspective on it.

          • Heatherangel Libby

            Nope. Not even close. Telling a man, or any person, that behavior that includes the degradation of another person is not okay is in no way telling them how to define themselves or that I alone am qualified to do so. Perhaps your version of being “raw” is not the “locker room” behavior I am speaking of. Misunderstanding is always possible, especially through written text. I refuse any notion that misogyny is “normal” or acceptable behavior. If your idea of masculinity is to belittle, disrespect, encourage or describe sexual assault, and/or otherwise lessen the value of another human because of their gender, sex appeal or lack there of, then yes. I do say you are wrong. Not all of the blame is yours as we are all products of our environments, but you still have a choice to reject your conditioning. Your equation of a man who rejects this type of aberrant behavior to being a child is just another perpetuation of the ” man up” macho bologna that so many men and women have accepted as gospel due to small overbearing minority. So in short, yes you are right. I refuse to allow for this type of “boys will be boys” discrimination, yes, discrimination, to be identified as masculinity. Being male does not mean you are base and unable to respect other people as part of your nature. Not all men want to sexually degrade or hurt other people. To suggest it is so and then attempt to shame me for refuting it is ridiculous. You may be a man and know a “wide swath” of other men, but that in no way means that the crude behavior you have witnessed or taken part in is an inherent part of being male. Having a penis is no excuse for shameful, hurtful behavior. I suggest you look further. There are lots of resources for men at sexual assault crisis centers that address this very issue of toxic masculinity and why the perpetuation of it damages men and women both.

          • Again, you keep proving my point but i wanted to try.

          • Heatherangel Libby

            Mm hmm, and perhaps I should have realized earlier that you are incapable of navigating criticism on your definition of your masculinity, especially if it comes from a female. But, as you said, I wanted to try.

    • Carrie Rose Montgomery

      People have their right to be emotionally immature and stunted, you are correct. They don’t however have the right to force their emotions on my ability to drive down a road or walk peacefully down a street or into building. You’re human rights need to be violated in order for your public tantrums to he called a protest. And if you’re offended by locker room talk you are void of humor and a thick skin. It’s really disgusting to see how thinned skinned and whiny young people have become but yet bullying only gets worse. In my day if a dude said something sexist to you or crude, you didn’t cry, you jabbed them back and everybody laughed and went about their business. Dear God you kids today would did over the your mamma so fat battles. This generation is just so bland and obviously so spoiled that you don’t know what real injustice, sexism, racism, etc is. You should be thankful of that not so determined to bring it back in some way by creating constant drama where there is none.

      • Heatherangel Libby

        Never said anyone had the right to impede others, completely not the point. But you don’t get to tell others how they are feeling. If you feel they emotionally stunted, you are absolutely allowed to. Just like I’m allowed to feel you are antiquated and conditioned to believe that “locker room” behavior is acceptable and should be met with witty comebacks. We all get to think and feel how we want. Young or not. And if feeling emotion means you are “thin skinned” then I would much rather be that than an apathetic, narrow minded person who regurgitates sentiments long since passed due for retirement.

        • Carrie Rose Montgomery

          Regurgitation is something the young suffer from, not I. I know world history, I know American history, I keep current on world events, getting my information from other countries publications, not just ours, I know economics, I’ve been studying and following politics since before you were born when I got involved in the Parent’s Music Resource Center crap, (Tipper Gore and Al Gore’s censorship movement for music lyrics) writing letters to Al Gore about being smart enough to know fantasy and entertainment from reality at 12 years old. I firmly believe in personal freedom, the democratic party has never been for the individual or personal freedom, rather a group and when you focus on groups, individuals get left behind and you’ve helped no one. I have many opinions that have been formed over 30 years, not last night and not through this election. The young are thin-skinned and have bought into being victims hook, line and sinker. You’re controlled by your emotions and emotions produce nothing but drama. Calming down, reviewing an issue and discussing solutions and then putting your money where your mouth is, that produces change. Crying because your candidate didn’t win and having public temper tantrums does nothing but piss people off. You’re not protesting anything, no human right has been violated. I have yet for a candidate I like to even be on the ballot much less win. I have a 7 year old daughter whose life is run by her emotions. My mission is to teach her how to control them, put them into perspective and then act rationally. You act as if saying people can feel anyway they want means something. Of course they can, no one can no more control someone’s thoughts as they can control the weather. The emotionally stunted need to realize that feelings pass. How you “feel” about something can change within a few minutes or after a few years as your foundation of knowledge expands. Feelings change depending on how much sugar you eat, what pills you take, if you drink – feelings are not reliable and they do not require legitimate reasons to exist. So, I will take my sentiments you feel are due for retirement. They allow me to think for myself, enjoy good humored bantered, call people out when it’s crossed the line without needing to find someone with a safety pin to do it for me and I’m not going to worry about suburban young people thinking they’ve been hurt in some fictional way. I work with enough inner city youth with real problems, trying to get them out of seriously fucked up homes full of real abuse, real poverty and away from the gangs that so badly want to indoctrinate them. You suburban kids need all the luck you can get, you are creating a much more difficult world for yourselves than is necessary but that is the luxury of the spoiled to do so. I prefer rational thinking, being laid back and not getting upset over stupid shit, that’s called wisdom, not apathy.

          • Heatherangel Libby

            Rational thinking led you to post that being offended by “locker room talk” means you have no sense of humor and are thin-skinned? I disagree. Your assumption that you have more “real world” experience than I, or any one else for that matter, is short-sighted. How could you possibly know my experiences through this brief encounter? As for you being involved in politics since before I was born, your assumption about my age falls short as well. While feelings do change and there are many factors, I think it can easily be agreed upon that the words “I feel” are often used to begin explanations of individuals well thought out ideas on issues. Figure of speech as it were. When I said everyone can feel how they want I also intended people may think and judge the issues however makes sense to them. And finally, it is without exception in my experience that those who are truly wise rarely profess themselves to hold wisdom over another. The belief that your opinion is built on the only wisdom acceptable is in fact the first step to true apathy.

          • Heatherangel Libby

            P.s. Not all of US, myself included, from OUR generation have retained the views held commonly in the 80’s and before. My opinion is based on experience too, as is everyone’s whether they were born in the early 70’s (yes me) or in the last 20 years. Believing you somehow have a more valid opinion because you have lived longer is akin to prejudice and only excludes you from effective connection with those “spoiled” young people around you. “Back in my day” thinking will not lead to problem solving today.

  • John Ross

    Shame on the Author. It’s not about Trump. People are polarized. Some are afraid. The ones who aren’t afraid are dis-inhibited. Some of both are acting poorly. Bullies and predators of all stripes are using the chaos to abuse the vulnerable.
    My pin means: I don’t care who are or who you voted for or why. If you are under assault and need help, I will not turn my back on you.

    • Caring who they were you might be willing to see you are spreading the fear with the pin and your not encouraging them to find safety behind their own boundaries. Instead it’s a vampiric energy telling everyone to be afraid unless they are around you.

  • Leonard Collins

    You need to look up the word “bigot”. It doesn’t mean what you think it means.