Hungry Women Feeling Entitled Trash McDonalds After Showing Up Too Late For McGriddles


If only Americans would be so passionate about ending unjustifiable wars, the military industrial complex, bringing the troops home, the highest incarceration rate in the world, the prison industrial complex, the Federal Reserve devaluing the dollar, the Patriot Act, the militarization of police, TSA groping, the IRS claiming what’s yours, NSA spying, Victimless Non-Crimes, Executive Orders, all around breaching of the Constitution and the countless other infractions of our liberty that I didn’t think of in 2 minutes off the top of my head. Feel free to list anything I left out in the comments below.

Apparently McGriddles are some tasty shit.

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Matt Bergman

Matt Bergman founded Punk Rock Libertarians in 2010. Formerly played guitar and sang in the Baltimore punk band “TENWATCH” and currently plays guitar and sings in “post freedom”.

  • Jeff McLeroy

    The problem is, they are always black and always doing this bullshit over something stupid…And then I will be called a racist for pointing out the obvious

    • antiwhere

      Ignorance makes people act like this, not the specific amount of melanin in their skin. Lilly-white trash are capable of exactly the same behavior and in greater numbers… or maybe you’ve never seen Jerry Springer. Colin Powell, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Michael Steele all have more pigment in their skin than the cast of Buckwild. No question as to who I’d feel better sitting next to at a McDonalds. That’s the problem with prejudice. It doesn’t hold up to reason. Judging people on their merit as individuals and not some ignorant blanket statement based on their appearance is a lesson I learned from punk rock. Allowing individuals to rise to their potential without baggage tied on by others is what I thought Libertarianism was all about. You words fly in the face of both.

      • I appreciate you saying this, but “intellectual dissonance” doesn’t make room for reason. I see some seriously sick acts from people with much less melanin in their skin, but it’s not seen as a racial issue then. We are still a very, very long way from a “post-racial” society.

  • Then people would be trying to get him in trouble or the like. It’s fine when females are aggressive.

    No, not really.

  • McGriddles are indeed delicious. Despite the fact McD’s food is little better than feed for stray animals, I am convinced they sprinkle crack on top of it. I won’t eat it for weeks or months, then I’ll get a hankering.

  • Man’s Worst Day

    The New World Order has one thing right: 80% has to go. These being the first I hope.Question: Which statement is more racist under the circumstances? Your neighbor is black and you’re white. You like your neighbor and don’t consider him a nigger at all. You say some off color remark that is 100% true like “A Nigger would buy rims before feeding his family” and then your friend says “Shhh, dude, your neighbor might hear you.” Which statement is racist and which isn’t? I’ll go ahead and enlighten you: The statement with the N Word is not racist. It’s an attempt at defining an action characteristic of a certain type of person . Only an uneducated or unenlightened individual will say that I can’t say nigger. I can say it as easy as I can say idiot, or retard or any one of a thousand different derogatory terms we as humans use to express displeasure with each other DAILY! If you called the guy who cut you off on the road an idiot that’s as bad as calling someone anything else including nigger. Now on the other hand, your friend identified the word with your neighbor just because of his skin color. Though his intentions are good he in fact made the racist statement by categorizing a man and assuming he would be offended if he had heard you use that word. He is the only one that brought skin color into the matter and categorized your neighbor with every other black person, which is racist. What if I said “That guy beats his kid with a belt if he doesn’t mow his lawn well enough, what an asshole.” I’ve attempted to define a characteristic that makes someone an asshole. Doesn’t mean you have to agree but you wouldn’t even think twice about the statement because we all know that’s true. So next time you call someone a racist think about who is bringing the superficial into the matter at hand, chances are it’s you. This video shows people upset at a company and over reacting, it is you who decided to see “black people” rather than just people. Class dismissed.

  • Hans