Oh, the outrage: “It’s cool if the government illegally spies on me but a U2 album just mysteriously showed up in my ITunes library.”


Apple has pissed off many users by automatically installing U2’s new album on the ICloud accounts of some 500 million users without their consent.  Rapper “Tyler The Creator” compared the experience to “waking up with herpes”.  So many people are vocally outraged and frantically trying to remove the album from their ICloud (many without much luck) that Apple has even created a website solely dedicated to helping users remove the album.

Just imagine if NSA spying was met with the same outrage.  It’s mind blowing to me that so many of the same people who are ever so vocally offended by having shitty music hosted on an external server showing up on their ITunes couldn’t care less about privacy intrusions proven to be far more dastardly.

Last time I checked, Apple didn’t send out men with guns to kick down doors for “crimes” in which there are no victim.  Last time I checked, Apple wasn’t killing an alarming number of puppies every day.  Last time I checked, Apple didn’t finger you at the airport.  Last time I checked, you could still opt out of Apple without them sending SWAT to your home.  I harbor no boner for Bono, but let’s prioritize people.


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Matt Bergman

Matt Bergman founded Punk Rock Libertarians in 2010. Formerly played guitar and sang in the Baltimore punk band “TENWATCH” and currently plays guitar and sings in “post freedom”.

  • Howard J. Barnett

    Nicely put. Now, if we could just hack the NSA so as to make it appear they’ve auto downloaded a Nickelback album onto people’s phones, we could overthrow the government.

  • pootietang

    You guys need to work on your proofreading on all your posts. It makes your legitimately good points look a lot worse when you can’t write them properly.

    • Buck Stodgers

      Its the price you pay for immediacy. The points are still valid, just reserve judgment on the fact he didn’t scan it with an eye towards finer detail.

      • pootietang

        Just saying, sometimes I want to share their stuff, but this makes it look less reputable and I don’t want any snoody roody poo liberals to come back at me like HAHA LIBERTARIANS CAN’T SPELL WORDS! YOU’RE ALL CRAZY!