Liberals And Conservatives On Bundy Ranch And #ICantBreathe


Back when the Bundy ranch thing happened last year all of the conservatives got on the anti-police bandwagon because and old white christian farmer was being persecuted. Meanwhile, the liberals where defending the police because they don’t like old white christian farmers.

Fast forward about a year, several cases of police murdering black people become high profile stories in the media, the same liberals who were defending the police a year ago, are now jumping on the anti-police bandwagon. Meanwhile, the same conservatives who organized militia members to defend Bundy ranch against police, have now rushed to the defense of police, because they have racist tenancies and don’t care about urban African Americans as much as they care about aging white farmers.

Ask yourself, why didn’t the conservatives send the militia to defend peaceful protesters in Ferguson or in New York, and why didn’t the liberals organize a catchy ‪#‎hashtag‬ to support the Bundy ranch?

Why is this? Because people are intentionally divided and are confused about who the real enemy is.

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John Vibes

John Vibes is an author, researcher and investigative journalist who takes a special interest in the counter culture and the drug war. In addition to his writing and activist work he is also the owner of a successful music promotion company. In 2013, he became one of the organizers of the Free Your Mind Conference, which features top caliber speakers and whistle-blowers from all over the world. You can contact him and stay connected to his work at his Facebook page. You can find his 65 chapter Book entitled “Alchemy of the Timeless Renaissance” at

  • xenophone

    I couldn’t agree more. The entire left vs right, two party system is designed to dupe people into fighting each other instead of identifying who the real enemy is. We’re given these manufactured issues to rile us up, like dogs fighting over scraps, while our masters sit at the table laughing and betting on who will win.

  • Keys

    whoa whoa whoa… nobody got killed in the Bundy thing. Liberals are NOT just protesting for the right to do whatever we want, break the law etc. We’re (I use “we” loosely) protesting against black people being unfairly killed by police, not the existence of police or law in and of itself. That aside, I agree with the “politics” thing, insofar as people will support whatever it is when it’s convenient to their side.

    • A. FURQAN

      agree,armed thugs aiming guns at federals and threating to shoot them,were hailed as heroes never arrested when blacks are said to point a gun at police they are killed and it is okay,but when white people do this they are standing up for america,what is wrong here

  • LeaveWellEnoughAlone

    This sort of thing isn’t as true as it used to be. I’ve noticed the anti-police sentiment of the last few months to be more widespread and likely to cross traditional “party lines.” Several items in the National Review, for example, have been critical of the police lately…particularly in the case of the guy in New York being killed by the officer. I’ve been encouraged that accountability by police is becoming an issue that concerns people of various political leanings.

  • Bill Hawke

    Didn’t the Oathkeepers which was one of the militia groups that had appeared at the Bundy Ranch standoff also show up to provide security in Ferguson?

    • Elias

      Yes. They did. Which is why this article is off on the facts…

      • A. FURQAN

        to protect white not help otherwise was their goal.

  • Lord Obama

    At the Bundy Ranch it was not an anti-police sentiment, it was an anti large out of control federal government over stepping their authority sentiment.

    At Ferguson, it was a bunch of thugs stealing and vandalizing over the death of a violent criminal who just finished robbing a convenient store and assaulting a police officer.

    • A. FURQAN

      bundys claim it was his land because his morman forefathers had worked the land therefore it belonged to him,black people worked the land but it did not become theirs,and bundy many times thinks blacks would be better off in slavery,he is a nutcase,this what conservatives want to call a good american,fox news then declares him as a heroe,rush,rand paul and the usual suspects as well.

      • Lord Obama

        Actually the land belongs to the state of Nevada and it is public land, land which Bundy has grazing rights to as did his fathers, The Federal government is trying to control state land which is an overstep of federal authority. The feds thought they would try it in Texas as well but our attorney general Greg Abbott, now governor set them straight on that.

        Did you listen to the whole speech from Bundy said, or just a clip from your communist propaganda channel / leftist media to try to make him look bad? What Bundy said is 100% right.

        Bundy never robbed a convenient store, he never assaulted a police officer and he never resisted arrest…

  • I am sharing those because “I” am a conservative in morals but I realize that our government is way out of control on all sides. once you get over all the issues the media tells you to have with each other, wake up and realize we are headed to a one world order. the rule of law is the stazi boot with every increasing pressure. it has become the hydra. we have to get back to liberty. leaving each other alone. live and let live. and unite or die. in a way never seen before in our history. When they disarm us…we are screwed…they have disarmed all of the other countries now…we are the last. Once they disarm us, we will be FIRST. Do you want to answer to the UN?