Penn Jillette: Why I Am A Libertarian


As co-host of the hit show “Penn & Teller: Bullshit!” Penn Jillette never seems to hold back on telling us the audience how he really feels about everything from gun control to the drug war to college.  Why is Penn Jillette a libertarian?  Watch the video.

According to Wikipedia

Penn Fraser Jillette (born March 5, 1955) is an American illusionist, comedian, musician, inventor, actor, and best-selling author known for his work with fellow magician Teller in the team Penn & Teller. He is also known for his advocacy of atheism, scientific skepticism, libertarianism and free-market capitalism.

About Author

Matt Bergman

Matt Bergman founded Punk Rock Libertarians in 2010. Formerly played guitar and sang in the Baltimore punk band "TENWATCH" and currently plays guitar and sings in "post freedom".

  • Laura Churchill

    While I don’t agree with Penn on everything, he raises many good points. I have been a Libertarian my whole life. I grew up listening to Tonie Nathan’s radio show in Oregon. I respect his right to believe as he does and I’m sure he would have no issue respecting my rights. That’s what the Libertarian philosophy is about. As we only hurt ourselves, there is no crime. It’s when we infringe on the rights of others are there issues.