The President’s Daughter Smokes Weed… Can We All Do It Now?!


The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the entire fucking world.  About 77% of those imprisoned in rape cages are doing time for victimless non-violent drug crimes.  1 in 6 of those imprisoned are doing time for marijuana.  Marijuana has never killed anyone.  Marijuana prohibition however ruins lives.  The Drug War is a War on You!

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Matt Bergman

Matt Bergman founded Punk Rock Libertarians in 2010. Formerly played guitar and sang in the Baltimore punk band "TENWATCH" and currently plays guitar and sings in "post freedom".

  • rc_cola

    It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to find out that all of the Ovomit family smokes weed in the White House.

    • 2broke4 her

      The Presidential Choom Gang family,

  • Jaycey

    It hardly looked like it was her first time….

  • Bodi Doyle

    it was a damn ciggarette..haha

    • 2broke4 her

      prove it! was you there? uh NO!

      • troytaco

        It was frosted flakes rolled up in paper, I’m actually psychic so that’s even better proof than being there in person………..

        • 2broke4 her

          then tell us oh great Grand Poobah, will Hiltery get prosecuted for crimes because of her actions while SOS and favors with the Clinton Foundation ?

          • troytaco

            That question doesn’t really matter, as Russia is going to end up giving North Korea the blueprints and equipment to make nuclear warheads in exchange for nuking whoever Russia wants while it politically not being Russia’s fault because North Korea fired the missles, not Russia.

          • 2broke4 her

            Korea already has nuclear war heads! its the long range missiles they have problems with! as for Russia giving N. Korea anything, their relationship has deteriorated and Russia doesnt trust Korea!

          • troytaco

            There’s always the Penguins in Antarctica if they don’t trust North Korea. They’re probably better educated too.

  • Couro Duro

    Nobody rolls joints like this…it is only an average cigaret, folks ….probably a cinnamon one … and… what ever if it was ?

    • 2broke4 her

      my guess you never seen the Medicinal rolled joints? which can be purchased through a pharmacy!

      • anonymous

        does it actually matter if anyone is wrong or right? I mean cigarette or pot, she is still too young to be doing either. but she is still human and should be allowed to make that decision entirely on her own. if she is at lollapalooza in the first place, her parents have trusted her to make her own decisions. and it sure as shit has no direct effect on you or me, so can we act like adults and just ignore this shit like we should have in the first place! geez

        • Dakota Carter

          Nobody cares or is judging whether or not she made a bad decision. The point of everybody’s bitching is that eyewitnesses state it was pot, it’s pretty obvious it was pot considering where she was. It’s also irrefutable on WHO it is in the video. Why hasn’t she been charged with anything yet? She gets caught and get’s off scott-free that’s the issue here considering who she is.

          we don’t give a fuck about her doing it. we do give a fuck about the double standard retard.

          • anonymous

            “retard”, why so angry? did i strike a nerve or something? first off, calm down. this isn’t worth getting so mad about. you know why? because if i go make a rolled cigarette and someone records it and random eyewitnesses claim it is pot, i wouldn’t be going to jail either. nobody would. and have we not all seen plenty of festival attendees smoking and getting away with it? if you haven’t, i suggest you just have fun with google for an hour searching for people smoking at festivals….. sure, if she was walking down the road on a tuesday smoking a joint, she would be arrested like anyone else. people might try to cover it, but if the public saw it then there would be no option but to punish her publicly. but she was at a festival, where weed is the least crazy thing going on. so, “retard”, calm down and stop looking for a problem. the fact that this is even a story is only another example of how fucking stupid we’ve become, the fact that someone even felt this was important to report on because it would get clicks. self-perpetuating fucktardery of america. congrats!

          • Daqueball

            Just curious. What double standard you are referring to? Is it because she was not charged while so many others are rotting away in prison as we speak after being spotted in a video smoking weed? Oh, wait… I can’t think of ONE person that has ever been charged because the were seen in a video “possibly” smoking weed. Double standard smh.

    • Mrmossyone

      So not true, you have no idea. Ever hear of rolling machine or ever seen medical marijuana joints?

  • Gary Clarck

    White peoples grow it and sale it and you don’t know what she was smoking if you where not there! Weed better than the pills you probably Poping just because it comes from your doctor doesn’t make it ok !

    • Mark Jackson

      pssssstt….. go back to school and learn proper English you moron!

  • Sandra Beach

    There has never been any good reason for pot to be illegal. No one ever died from pot. It was originally made illegal to save the paper industry,now it is the Prescription drug industry and the medical industry. I know people that have completely arrested epilepsy for over 8 years so far by using it! LEGALIZE IT ALREADY!

    • 2broke4 her

      actually Dear, that weed that is grown for paper and rope is a different variety of weed! still can get high from it, if you are disparate.. it grows wild in Missouri and Virginia.. when i was in Missouri visiting a friend we went deer hunting and its in the woods.. when stationed in Virginia it was growing in the woods and the commanding officer let everyone know about it as new personnel arrived..

      • Sandra Beach

        Yes, there are many strains. So what?

        • 2broke4 her

          WOW a LIEberal coping an attitude for an educational statement! the weed grown in the woods hasnt change.. still stringy and pulpy.. now get another attitude!

          • anonymous

            well that escalated quickly…

          • Sandra Beach

            WOW you think I am a liberal. Shows what you DON’T know! Keep assuming, maybe someday you will get it right.

          • 2broke4 her

            your actions speaks words, not a follow up denying it!

          • Sandra Beach

            Your words speak nonsense.

          • 2broke4 her

            your actions show more, mine doesnt show nonsense. just stating an observation!

          • Sandra Beach

            The observations of a delusional mind. >^,,^<

          • 2broke4 her
          • Sandra Beach

            I knew you were a child. Grow up

          • 2broke4 her

            I only respond to your level!

  • Ken Leek

    Hopefully she was smoking a joint. Its good for her. All you whiney babies on here could use one too.

  • Lisulove loavesAbread

    angel DUST

  • numattix

    i love how the comments section of internet articles inspires the most intelligent people to provide their fact based insight.

  • Jon Butina

    who gives a fuck

  • Mike S.

    No one is stopping you from smoking weed. Typical response from white people when I light up “I SMELL WEED!”. Stop trying to blow up people’s spot. I smell your shitty aftershave but I’m not exclaiming that at the top of my lungs. She didn’t run for president…her dad did. Let her be a fucking teenager and shut the fuck up

    • Dwayne

      Mike, you should stop hating on your own people. Portrays you in an unflattering light.

      • Mike S.

        Who cares? It’s true.

  • Jim Cole

    It was weed because she past it TIME TO RELEASE THE PEOPLE THE GOV LOCKED DOWN FOR LIFE, locking people up for a natural grown resource and then turn around and smoke it or opening a shop to sell it is just pure EVIL. The innocent men and women the GOV locked up for selling their own grown weed should be allowed to open an approved weed shop, free these people!

  • Dwayne

    If I had to deal with Barack and Michelle Obama all day, every day, I’d be doing something far stronger than weed.

  • Lotus1922

    Where is the secret service?