A Very Short Manifesto


No country is truly free. No country is perfect. No government is truly legitimate because its very purpose is to perpetuate itself. It will do that by any means necessary. In a perfect world where everyone held the same values and cared about others, submitting oneself to living a humble, quiet life, and walking humbly with their God (or lack thereof), anarchy would be the perfect “governance.” Since this isn’t possible because humans are at the core a base, corrupt species with reason but no conscience…intellect but no wisdom….I am forced to be a libertarian in practice. Unfortunately, there is no place for us in this ever-increasingly polarized society which views anything other than a Republican or a Democrat as a fringe nutjob.

The education system is a failure which manages to turn out nothing but useful imbeciles who can man assembly lines and properly navigate desks. This state which we like to believe is a representative democracy is, in actuality, a puppet of special interests, lobbyists, and corporations which are currently deemed by law to have the same constitutional rights as individuals but put policy and ideology above individuals. A single, peaceful human who uses their brain and wants to be left alone while he or she leaves other people alone in return has no power and no true voice in this or any other country. Democracy is merely the tyranny of the majority.

Yet the majority of voters are part of an ill-informed rabble that wishes nothing more than to remain insulated in its own cocoon of media, friends, and associates who share the very same ideas, fortified by a wall of willfull ignorance of other points of view; pacified, as they are, by their reality tv, NCAA sports, NBA, NFL, CBS, NBC, CNN, and FOX, educated by the media outlet of their choice, and interested in nobody’s welfare but their own. When people start to assert their rights, that’s when the police finally have to step in with their pre-owned MRAPS and assault weapons newly arrived from failed military expeditions in the Middle-East.

We have become exactly what the framers of the Constitution feared we would.

What if we held an election and nobody came?

About Author

Douglas Mead

I was educated in history but work in production management. I have flirted with several political/philosophical schools of thought and have come to see myself as a philosophical anarchist but in practical terms I'm a libertarian. I'm in my early forties and the accomplishment of which I am most proud is my daughter. And to be honest, most of the credit goes to her.

  • Buck Stodgers

    “humans are at the core a base, corrupt species with reason but no conscience…intellect but no wisdom…”

    Whoa. Do you really believe that? If so, Libertarianism is not the right philosophy for you. If you can’t trust the individual, then you can’t afford them the liberty to make prudent and fair decisions.

    Overall, that’s a pretty cynical post without much hope.

    • Douglas Mead

      On the other hand, if people are base and corrupt then we certainly can’t trust them to rule us, either. When it comes to forms of government, libertarianism is the least of evils although I do prefer anarchy on a philosophical level. One can trust individuals easier than one can trust a group of people who compose an institution (government) which decides what’s right and wrong for everybody else. Generally speaking, individuals can do less harm than institutions or groups. A person may be smart and moral. Speaking of them collectively, people tend to be ignorant (in the literal sense of the word) and more easily influenced by authority in general or an authority figure. Here we could insert the common example of the German people during the 1930’s and 40’s. At a certain point people become subject to a herd or mob mentality and are capable of things collectively that they would never do individually as many famous psychological studies have shown. I can trust an individual on their own farther than I can trust a group of them. “Humans are…a base, corrupt species” in general and collectively. Individuals are, in my view, more capable and more likely to do good. Once groups start deciding what’s best for everybody then that’s when we start running into trouble. To paraphrase Lewis, a tyranny imposed for the good of its victims is the worst kind of tyranny because it can perpetrate all manner of injustices and evils with the blessing of its own conscience.