SOPA Failed, PIPA Failed, Net Neutrality is Barry’s Latest Intoxicant To Slime His Way Into The Internet’s Panties


Net Neutrality is the principle that internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites. While the concept of Net Neutrality is a great idea, I question the motives of the salesmen pitching it. While Net Neutrality can be explained simply in one sentence you can bet your sweet ass that Barry will have a bill drafted about a million pages long with all sorts of other unrelated goodies sandwiched in.

The shitty thing about Net Neutrality is that you basically have to choose between the Telecom companies which are basically government created monopolies and the actual government. But at least Comcast is somewhat subject to the market. What really gets me is that so many libertarians don’t seem to be the least bit skeptical of Obama’s “selfless concern”.

Proponents of Net Neutrality claim the Telecom companies have too much power. I whole heartedly agree but I also understand that the reason these companies have so much power is because of government regulations not in spite of them. Most regulations are written by the largest corporations in collusion with government in the interests of stifling competition in favor of the largest corporations. That, my friends, is Crony Capitalism 101. However if you’re truly in favor of competition then why hand over the internet to the greatest monopoly of them all: the U.S. Government. The same government that was incapable of building a working healthcare website with unlimited extorted monetary resources right at it’s fingertips. On the other hand, we’ve seen time and time again that where deregulation has occurred innovation has boomed. Also, as far as privacy is concerned, in the age of post Edward Snowden I would expect people to be a little more skeptical.

Let’s say for a second you’re a fervent Democrat and supporter of Barack Obama.  Let’s then say that somebody like Jeb Bush becomes the next President of the United States.  Would you then trust the internet in his hands?  We’ve got a good thing going here…  Why not just keep the assholes out all together?

Another thing to remember is that one government starts it never stops.  Give them an inch and they are sure to take miles.  Mark my words it will not end here.  If Barry get his “Net Neutrality” it will only be the breaking ground for a huge government rabbit hole of internet regulation.  Just as always when government causes a problem their only prescription is more government to fix it. The first thing the government wants to do is regulate the costs of the internet. We have already seen how such a scheme has worked out so wonderfully with healthcare and student loans. Personally I believe the next step will be to regulate content. Maybe even a internet tax.

Barry and proponents of a government imposed Net Neutrality keep using the word “free”.  It’s important to remember that nothing is free.  Everything comes at a cost.  When this “freedom” is dished out by the greatest monopoly in the land you can be sure to expect the highest cost and the shittiest service that only a monopoly of force can provide.

The FCC has never been in the business of making people more “free”. I’d say that the FCC gaining more control over the internet is more dangerous to a free internet than ISP’s throttling speeds. I would also say that up until now the internet has been a pretty rad place to be and “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. I don’t know that I can even think of a more successful example  of spontaneous order than the internet.  I would even dare to say that no one else can either.  Obama, however, is smart enough to realize that he might have a little more success pushing regulations through under the guise of “freedom”. Net Neutrality will make the internet more free just as the Affordable Care Act has made healthcare more affordable. Don’t get duped again, America.

Watch the video below as Barry explains the wonderful concept of Net Neutrality. Remember when he said that if you liked your current healthcare plan you could keep it? I know I do. I also know that my healthcare plan was terminated by the ACA in July leaving me without insurance.

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Matt Bergman

Matt Bergman founded Punk Rock Libertarians in 2010. Formerly played guitar and sang in the Baltimore punk band "TENWATCH" and currently plays guitar and sings in "post freedom".

  • Tim Cassara

    Net neutrality means leaving the internet exactly where it is right now, It does not give the government any additional control over the internet

    • KHKW2K

      The sad thing is that Title II doesn’t stop with Net Neutrality. It gives Net Neutrality + a whole hell of a lot of other stuff.

      • The J Shep

        What other stuff? Enlighten us.

  • Phillip Woon

    Just another way of disparaging the president. It’s amazing that people will want net neutrality before this, but as soon as Obama says he’s for it, those same people are now against it. wow.

    • Consumer Unit 5012

      Hey, that’s what happened with Romneycare, too. A plan thought up by a Conservative think-tank and implemented by a Conservative governor, but as soon as Obama got his nasty Librul fingers on it, IT MUST BE BURNED.

  • McD

    Wow. Way to twist the facts!

  • Ted Govostis

    Can’t build a website blah blahblah. You know what they did do successfully? Build the fucking internet.

  • KHKW2K

    We’re probably overreacting, but sooner or later the less-desirable parts of Title II will come to the forefront. Fight for a free internet is far from over.

  • thatguyJMM

    I’m confused at this headline. Why are SOPA and PIPA failing bad things?

  • Dude. You can go ahead and read Title II.
    What’s there is there. No additions. It’s just a motion of bureaucracy that’s already in place- this move to change what the internet is governed as, IS the act of not fixing what ain’t broken. Meanwhile the cable companies are pissed because they wanted to fix what they think is breaking them. I understand, you’re right to be skeptical, but there’s been no word, or even any basis to spur a rumor that there will be additions to title II. Obamacare was a massive project, with lots of competing insurance companies, and it was fought TOOTH & nail, for a long time, to even get it off the ground. Of course it had a rough landing, hell, I’m surprised it survived. Nonetheless, this is not a big project. It’s a small move to prevent private interests from pulling a big one on us. I heard the same thing you did, the FCC is an independent agency- and they are applying Title II, exactly as it is, from the 1930s, to the internet we have now. We’re just opening up the umbrella, before it starts to rain all that white-collar washed money, the same fucking money that was used to obsessively try and murder Obamacare, repeatedly. Who the hell is Barry?

  • Aussietarian

    PRL, I’m starting to worry about you. When I first started following you, I could agree with most of what you said, but lately all you can do is rant about Obama and how he can do nothing correct.
    With each post you are sounding more and more like a frothy mouthed NeoCon than a Libertarian. Your articles used to be well researched but now you cant see past your own prejudices and it’s obvious. 🙁

  • Steven Bannister

    Good article. By the way, there are many prominent supports of Net Neutrality who DON’T support Title II. Here are some arguments against Title II: