Tucker Carlson Trolls & Triggers Socialist Professor For Suggesting ‘80% Income Tax’


Tucker Carlson interviews Socialist Occidental College Professor Caroline Heldman on tax policy.

  • barchord

    Oh that is just gold!! She just exposed the entire liberal agenda for the great fraud that it is. Do what i say not what i do.

  • Kiely

    So she uses “choice” as a justification for forced socialism. WOW!!! Out of touch…


    Beautiful! This just shows that that today’s so-called conservatives are completely out of touch with reality and know it, so they resort to strawman arguments across the board to hide a hypocrisy that a pre-schooler could identify. And the best things is: Their viewers/constituents don’t get it or even agree on what socialism actually is. I guess the words are too complicated or they didn’t even listen/read past the headline. Who is not in a good mood after watching this satire becoming reality?!