U.S. Military Using Giant Blimp To Surveil Movements Of Maryland Residents


Residents of Baltimore suburbs are currently creeped the fuck out…

The U.S. Army claims that the purpose of the blimp is to protect major cities along the east coast from cruise missiles and large drones.  Similar blimps have been used near the Mexican border to detect smugglers.  The U.S. Army insists that the blimp is not intended for surveillance however Ginger McCall from the Electronic Privacy Information Center has obtained documents under the Freedom of Information Act that say the secondary purpose of the blimp is to track and surveil surface moving targets.  Just another case of government pissing on your leg and telling you it’s raining.

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Matt Bergman

Matt Bergman founded Punk Rock Libertarians in 2010. Formerly played guitar and sang in the Baltimore punk band "TENWATCH" and currently plays guitar and sings in "post freedom".

  • Christian

    What are the effects of getting hit by radar? The radar can detect something three hundred and fifty miles away. That must be a strong signal.

    • Gus

      Only dangerous if you are right next to it. At the altitude that it is stationed, there is no health hazard to anyone.

  • RuleOfLaw

    what is a blimp going to do to stop a cruise missile anyway?

    • Gus

      It is a radar. It sends missile track information to warships and land based missiles. These missiles launch and intercept the incoming threat.

      • dean

        this stupid thing is over my house everyday… its the spy blimp ready to shoot it down lmao and why we need so much missle defense i cant think of any time we’ve been hit by a missle and ur telling me this blimp is better than all the missle defense stuff we have????

        • Steve

          Gus, much better. Ground based radars work best against moving targets at high altitudes. But not well against sea skimming cruise missiles. Some cant see them at all, due to the curvature of the earth, others cant distinguish moving targets against fixed obstacles (think hills, mountain, buildings). Sky based radar easily spots moving targets against fixed backgrounds, giving us a much earlier warning of incoming cruise missiles. BTW, the Russians are offering to sell sea based cruise missiles in a shipping container box, called the Club-K. Fired off the coast at Ocean City, a Club-K missile could hit DC with no warning, except for the new blimp based radar. Back in the 80’s, when the Russian Navy fielded supersonic cruise missiles, the flight time from 200 miles off coast to DC was about ten minutes, not enough time to react.

        • Gus

          Would you rather us get hit with a missile first…. and then put up more defense? The radar by itself is not a privacy invasion. Yes it would be a problem if they start putting cameras and listening devices on it so it IS something to keep an eye on. In its current configuration however it is designed to keep YOU from turning into radioactive dust.

    • Jakob Stagg

      Take a picture.

  • Bob

    Why should people take her word over the Army’s? She said that is has a purpose, that is what they’re designed for… That doesn’t mean it’s doing it. I trust our Army, not some lady.

  • jloco

    First n foremost people do not I repeat do not believe them its only a way for them to spy on us. Its apart of the new world order they trying to put into effect. Please open ur eyes people dont be bamboozled

  • Steve

    Matt, the radar has the capability to track airborne or surface targets. Just like the thermal sight on a tank can track other tanks or people. How you use it is determined by the mission assigned. This blimp system was developed to counter cruise missiles, which are poorly detected by ground based radars due to ground clutter. That’s why its tied into the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). Would NORAD want to track a car or truck? If they thought it had a WMD on board, sure. But the first priority goes to cruise missiles or unidentified low flying aircraft.

  • Blimp Dude

    Hey there good people I worked with this system and its smaller counterparts in Afghanistan.

    This system’s abbreviated name that you can Google is JLENS.

    Its smaller sister systems are named PTDS and PGSS. These systems are what are called Aerostats.

    PTDS and PGSS are utilized to track objects on the ground, while JLENS is used for missile interdiction. Can it be used to track objects on the ground? Yup, but that would be akin to lighting a cigar with the afterburner from a F-22.

    My SO lives in Baltimore and my first time visiting her I noticed JLENS up in the sky and started asking her about it and then explained what all its capable of doing and what its actually being used for.

    The aerostats in Arizona (where I trained on them before Afghanistan) and along the border are absolutely used for drug and illegal immigrant detection and interdiction. The JLENS in Baltimore however is used for missile detection and interdiction.

    I hope this clears some of this up for you folks, and anything else can be easily Googled!

    • Chris Langston

      I did the same thing, and you are exactly right! Nailed it. – I don’t miss Yuma

  • mantooth

    I know most of you will not believe this. But I am an operator for aerostats. still am. They pose no harm at all. They are excellent for security and surveillance! That is all they do! These will be used in and around the capital. It’s not what you guys think. Not gonna stop a cruise missle. I can’t stand Obama and the admin as much as anyone else. No ones rights will be violated. There are cameras on every street corner. This blimp will just give a view from above. That is all

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