Vehicle Registration is Extortion and the DMV are Criminals


Recently I received an automobile emissions notice in the mail. $14.00 to have some government employees plug data cables into my car’s engine to see if it is giving out any emissions failure codes. What a racket.

That notice was a reminder to write this editorial and call to action.

It is amazing how people accept things “just because”. Or in this case, at the threat of losing their drivers’ license, having their property stolen and having to pay even more money to the gang of thugs that call themselves the government. I am talking about car registration. More specifically, car registration renewal.

I understand the need to identify vehicles. License plates are a good thing. So I have no problem with car registration. However, there is zero reason that you should have to pay $100+ every two years so that the department of motor vehicles keeps your vehicle’s information in their database. What they are doing is the very definition of extortion.

According to Google, extortion is the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats. The threat is that if you do not pay the DMV a vehicle registration renewal fee (money) then they threaten and will take away your ability to efficiently travel as well as take your property (force) if it is on a public road. For the record, public roads are paid for through gas taxes that you already spend money on…not registration renewal fees. Who knows what that $100+ renewal fee pays for!

So my question is, “Why have we allowed this extortion and grand theft auto to occur for such a long time?” The answer is simple: fear. We are scared. They have the guns. They have the resources. It is SICKENING and I for one am tired of it. That is why I will soon be waging a political war with my state’s DMV and I am calling on all PRL readers to do the same.

What is the agenda? To do the same thing they do to us. Let’s turn the tables on these scumbags.

First I will call the police so that it is on record that I tried to go through the “proper channels” to eradicate these criminals. The call will go something like this:

Non-emergency operator/dispatch: “Hello, how may I help you?”

Me: “I would like to report crimes.”

O: “Go ahead.”

Me: “There are people going around demanding money. If you don’t pay them they are threatening to take people’s vehicles. And they have taken people’s vehicles and held them for ransom.”

O: “Wow, that’s terrible. Do you have any other information?”

Me: “Yes. They call themselves the Motor Vehicle Administration and they’ve been doing this for decades. I would like to have them arrested.”

O: “Sir, don’t waste our time.”

Me: “I’m not wasting your time. Why is it a crime for a street gang to demand money from people at the threat of stolen property but as soon as I told you it’s a government organization magically the same actions aren’t criminal?”

When that no doubt fails (the dispatcher will probably laugh at me and hang up the line) I then plan on sending the DMV employees, including the head of the DMV, an invoice.

After they ignore the invoice I will send them a late notice reminder/fee invoice. When they ignore that I will show up and attempt to tow their driver’s testing vehicles that are easily identifiable. I would attempt to tow the employees’ vehicles but because I am not privy to DMV records, I wouldn’t know which vehicle belongs to employees and which do not. Like typical criminals, the DMV try their best to operate in the shadows under the cloak of anonymity. They know who YOU are and where YOU live but you don’t know their personal details.

As I am hitching their vehicles to my “tow truck” (a Power Wheels children’s vehicle) no doubt THEY will call the police on me and the police will actually do something, like put me in handcuffs and throw me in a cage. From then on the plan is to show the double standard hypocrisy and hopefully get this extortion/grand theft auto to end. Civil disobedience at its finest.

I’d love to do it with the help of an armed militia, like the founding fathers would have done, but people are too scared. People may think I’m crazy…all the while they reluctantly pay their registration renewals every year out of fear. And thus the cycle will continue, unless someone like you or me breaks that son of a bitch in half and helps put an end to the thievery.

About Author

Adam Reuter is a freelance videographer, photographer, audio engineer and writer. He produces videos at and . He currently has three television pilots in production and three in development.

  • raine

    i love this idea. in fact, i think i’m going to make a list of government crimes, to start calling my local police department with some regularity. and if they want me to stop calling, they’ll have to either do something about it, or go on record saying that the crimes i’m reporting aren’t really crimes…. and we can all join in the extortion.

  • Maphesdus

    I think emissions tests themselves are a good thing, but I can definitely understand why people wouldn’t want to pay for them. Personally, I think the government should provide the tests on its own dime. The government wants the tests done? Fine. The government should be the one to pay for it.

    • raine

      there is no government dime. every dime they have, they stole from someone else.

      • Maphesdus

        Not necessarily. While its true that taxation (which is not inherently theft, by the way) is government’s primary source of revenue, it’s not their only source. There are also bonds, tariffs, loans from other countries, and many other sources of revenue that government can potentially draw upon to pay for things.

  • Jabbakahe

    If you didn’t have a renewal, you wouldn’t know how many cars there are.

  • Paul Dean

    You are exactly correct in the writing of this article. The Department of Motor Vehicles has taken a Power move on the public roads to collect fee’s and fines at every chance they get. And they use your ability to legally drive and your property as leverage to collect. This is 100% extortion. No if’s and or buts about it. Here in California, our registration is annual and can mount up to over $300. If you don’t pay it, you’l get pulled over for no registration and fined another $300+ dollars. Same thing if you buy a used car. The DMV will reclaim imposed taxes on that vehicle. So many absurd fee’s. It is plain and simple to see that the DMV is not a service, but a business. And if you want to drive, you HAVE to do business with them. It’s all extortion. But here’s the kicker. It’s your right to travel via locomotion or any way you want. It’s your right to travel freely with your own “property” unsearched or harassed without a warrant. The traffic police enforce these extortions as the DMV is backed by State Vehicle code and State Statues. The truth is, every American has the unalienable right to free travel. Unalienable means this right is given at birth and cannot be taken away by and Judicial System without due process. What the DMV and the State do to drivers is pure extortion. It’s Illegal. They are criminals for doing as such and it is up to the American people to fight for their rights and take a stand against the tyranny of State revenue generating streams. If you continue to stand for this financial abuse year after year, you children will be slaves.