The Worst And Best Actions By Trump So Far And The Real Threat


In this video, we go over the worst and best decisions so far by U.S President Donald Trump. We go over the latest executive orders on the TPP, the White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and of course the global impact already made by President Trump. Especially when it comes to the recent explosive statements by China. For more real news support us on to continue and expand our operations.

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  • Francis Wolfgang Urban

    A trade war is only the start. If you want to know what the worst thing that Trump has done, or rather what he hasn’t done, prepare for veteran backlash, by the federal hiring freeze. People have already stated they are going to quit because he is President. More of the incompetent employees of the VA that caused the death of several veterans need to not only be fired, but they need to pay for damages incurred by their family, because they are retarded enough not to check the surgery wounds for MAGGOTS and subsequently died. so let’s weed out the bad apples of government, the complacent bastards who think they cannot be fired and hire veterans. WHY? because no matter what, we get the damn job done.