It’s that time of year again. Soon people will be sitting with their families, opening presents, eating sweets, and inevitably talking about things that will probably start an argument. As long as those discussions are going to take place, why not steer them to topics that might help broaden the minds of family members. Here’s a list of topics certain to create a stir. It’ll be better than arguing over which football team will make it to the World Series, right?

By:  Justin King

This article first appeared at TheFifthColumn

“I’m tired of all these welfare leeches, too! Hey, did you know that you personally paid more in federal taxes than Bank of America?”

“I know. I heard Adele was accused of plagiarism. People think she stole some Kurdish guy’s song. Did you know that Kurds get thrown in prison if they sing a song in their own language?”

“I supported the airstrikes in Syria until I read a letter from an Islamic State soldier detailing their strategy, which included provoking the US into bombing them so they could attract foreign fighters.”

“I know these thugs are out there protesting against cops. Did you know that a cop’s household is four times as likely to have domestic violence incidents?”

“Did you know Turkey briefly invaded Iraq this month and that NATO spent a good portion of the year aiding the Islamic State?”

“Yeah, I thought Trump was a pretty tough guy that speaks his mind. Then I found out after he promised to go to al-Aqsa mosque to show those Muslims who’s boss, he chickened out. Maybe he won’t make such a good leader.

“Well, it’s Glamour Magazine. Who did you expect them to pick as Woman of the Year? It’s all about getting you to talk about it, and you did. Do you know who really should have been recognized?”

“Did you know that meme about how Japan deals with Muslims was completely false?

“Homemade food is better! Did you know that while the rest of the world is forcing GMO companies to label their products, the US government is trying to make sure you don’t know what’s in your food?”

“I thought all Muslims were the same too, until 70,000 clerics issued a Fatwa condemning the Islamic State.”

“Seen any good movies lately? Human Rights Watch listed three documentaries you should probably watch. Also Hacker Wars is now on Netflix.”

“Elf on the Shelf was captured by terrorists.

We took the liberty of sourcing some articles for you. If this doesn’t make Christmas more entertaining, try spiking the punch. By the way, I know football teams don’t go to the World Series. They never score enough baskets.

This article first appeared at TheFifthColumn