2 Wrongs Just Might Make a Right


On any other day, I would not argue for who you should vote for. It’s a moot point because first of all, I am not an american, and second of all I am an anarchist, which means I do and say whatever I want despite the rules, regulations, laws and ‘rights’ politicians spend their time imposing on the People. But I’ll make an exception simply because I happened to watch the 2nd presidential debate out of sheer boredom while waiting for a movie to render.

I came to the realization that what your 2016 election boils down to is the choice between a businessman and a politician. Trump is a hardcore businessman with little or no political experience and Clinton is a thorough-bred politician. This means you have the choice between a man who wants political power over his ‘customers’ and a woman who just wants power. No more, no less.

As a matter of principle, they will lie, cheat and steal from you – that is the job of a politician – and they both run a general smeer campaign against their opponent.

Dear Americans; you’re fucked!

What I suggest you need is a mix of the two, sans the bitching and moaning about the opponent. You need someone who is a businessman, but also knows how politics work. Trump is all business, Clinton is all politics. You need something in between.

Imagine Trump having a meeting with a foreign head of state. That’s just not going to be a good thing. Putin would laugh in his face, Merkel would be courteous but secretly loathe him and every head of state would postpone their visit to the United States until Trump was done screwing up the country.

On the positive side, there probably wouldn’t be much in the way of war. Trump is not much of a warmonger, but you might find that a lot of other countries would be mindful of including the United States in any foreign policies; because of Trump.

It gets worse with Clinton. Merkel might sip a cup of tea with Clinton, but noone in their right mind will ever trust her. I am not saying any politician is ‘in their right mind’ but I am saying that even the most awful politician of any other nation would be wary of dealing with Clinton.

I am hard pressed to find any positives about her so I’ll leave that up to you, and refer you to the ‘Becker-Question’ from the 2nd Debate. Carl Becker asked the nominees to say something positive about the opponent, which had Clinton say something positive about Trump’s children – not Trump! – and Trump stating that he admired Clinton’s fighting spirit. I’m not going to judge either way.

You do have a good candidate, however!

Earlier I stated that what I think you need – if you’re so deadset on your state – is someone who is not a warmongering asshole, who does not spend his or her time smearing the opponent, and preferably someone who is a businessman and a politician. Someone who would be able to work with other national leaders.

Someone like Gary Johnson.

He was a businessman, who turned politician. Best of all; he’s not a Democrat or Republican. He’s Gary Johnson, no more, no less.

I am not saying you should vote for him. Far be it from me to encourage you to vote for anyone, but if you are deadset on finding a ruler and have a government, at least do it right! You might want to check out the Wikipedia page for Gary Johnson, which contains pretty much all you need to know about the man: he’s the only person in the current election who isn’t a complete fraud and completely out of order.

It seems like you only have a choice between ‘the lesser of 2 evils’, but reality is that you have an option that at least – slightly – makes sense. Keep in mind, that the entire world is watching you at the moment, and some of us are a little scared that you’ll go for a lunatic or the fraud (you can assign which is which however you want) instead of the one sane choice left over.

The two wrong candidates just might make the third one the right choice.

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Danish Libertarian and adult film producer. Being fed up with living in the 'nanny-state' that is Denmark and hearing it constantly being praised by liberal americans I have decided to speak out against what should be the scariest nightmare for all; the nanny-state governed through parliamentary democracy.