In 2013, Before Being ‘Elevated’ By Clinton, Trump Wrote An Op-Ed For CNN Calling For Open Borders


Donald Trump has become most well known for his anti-immigration stance during his current election campaign. However, it seems that he did not always espouse these same beliefs. Trump is a person who has done business internationally, across borders, and just three years ago he wrote an opinion piece for CNN where he explicitly called for open borders.

By:  John Vibes

This article first appeared at FreeThoughtProject

“My concern is that the negligence of a few will adversely affect the majority. I’ve long been a believer in the “look at the solution, not the problem” theory. In this case, the solution is clear. We will have to leave borders behind and go for global unity when it comes to financial stability,” Trump said in his article.

“I think we’ve all become aware of the fact that our cultures and economics are intertwined. It’s a complex mosaic that cannot be approached with a simple formula for the correct pattern to emerge. In many ways, we are in unchartered waters. The good news, in one respect, is that what is done affects us all. There won’t be any winners or losers as this is not a competition. It’s a time for working together for the best of all involved. Never before has the phrase “we’re all in this together” had more resonance or relevance,” he added.

This talk of unity and leaving borders behind is a far cry from Trump’s recent rhetoric of building walls and banning people from the country. In just over a year, as soon as his campaign began, Trump’s position changed drastically, on this issue and many other as well. As soon as his campaign began, Trump started to take hard-line extreme positions on controversial topics like race and immigration, which made him look like an insane cartoon character.

This new public persona that Trump has adopted for his campaign does not make much sense until you begin to look at his relationship with Hilary Clinton. Trump and the Clintons have an extensive personal relationship, and they have been friends and business partners for many years.

As we reported earlier this month, Wikileaks released a bombshell document showing strategies to align the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign by promoting Donald Trump. This is just one of many indications that Donald Trump has been selected as a decoy candidate by the Clinton campaign.

According to the Wikileaks release, the Clinton campaign said in a private internal email that, “Our hope is that the goal of a potential HRC campaign and the DNC would be one-in-the-same: to make whomever the Republicans nominate unpalatable to the majority of the electorate.

This article first appeared at FreeThoughtProject