Another dead kid and another cop walks free without being judged by his peers. It happens so often, maybe it’s time to change how we interact with police every single day. Many will say this is punishing all cops for the actions of a few, but since the “good” cops will not hold the “bad” accountable, it’s the only available option left. The only apparent answer is constant harassment and demoralization of the entire profession.

By:  Justin King

This article first appeared at TheFifthColumn

This may seem like an overreaction to some, but let’s review some facts.
In the first 8 months of 2015, cops killed 161 unarmed people. 20 per month.
In a survey of news articles The Fifth Column found 9 cases of child molester cops in a one week period.
Cops steal more than any other criminals per year through civil asset forfeiture.
A woman is twice as likely to be raped by a cop than by an average citizen.
Cops have a safe profession. Being a trash collector or pizza delivery driver is more dangerous.

This is not a case of a few rotten apples anymore. It’s a system that protects its own at all costs. It’s a system that is completely out of order. Officers behave like a gang, it’s time they’re treated like a gang.

It’s time for the movement to stop being reactive and start being proactive in the fight against police corruption, brutality, and murder. The tactics below are designed to turn Law Enforcement into outcasts and to make certain they understand the community is tired of their criminal behavior. The idea is to demoralize departments completely, make it impossible for them to recruit, and to slowly turn the tide of public opinion against law enforcement in general. We have to place the good cops in the position of proving they are, in fact, on the side of the citizens. The most effective way to do this is to root out the offending officers and change the policies.

Nine new approaches:

Target the Fraternal Order of Police: When a cop guns down some unarmed kid, the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) is the first agency to run to his or her side. They are the apologists for all crimes committed by the thin blue line. They issue press releases to defend officers to newspapers. They raise funds. It’s time to choke off their funding. It’s time to ruin their credibility. Anytime the newspaper uses a press release from the FOP, they should be flooded with calls and the comments section under the article should be flooded with comments calling into question the newspaper’s bias. They should have obtained a response or quote from the actual department, not a political group. Every single fundraising effort should be disrupted through protests. Without money and credibility, this organization is ineffective.

End Police Indoctrination at Schools: Write a letter demanding the school inform you anytime law enforcement provides a presentation at the school so you can pull your child out of school that day. Make sure the school is informed that given the habit of police officers killing unarmed children, you do not feel safe having your child at school that day. Make it uncomfortable for schools to cooperate with law enforcement.

Boycott of Law Enforcement supporters: Stage boycotts of any business that offers a Law Enforcement discount. Make certain the business is aware of why their business is being targeted. Protest these locations. Reinforce the idea that the community is no longer supportive of law enforcement.

Target Criminal Justice Programs: Flyers should be dispersed on campuses casting law enforcement officers as traitors. Those in the programs should be completely ostracized. Every effort should be made to lower attendance and enrollment. It needs to be made clear that police officers have ceased being friends to the community. It is not a position of respect, it is a position of contempt.

Target Police State Candidates: If a candidate receives an endorsement from the FOP, every effort should be made to disrupt every political event they have whether in office or out. We need to turn catering to the FOP into a political liability.

End all Polite Conversation: When officers enter any business you are in they should be made to feel uncomfortable.  Boo them. Place you hands in the air and scream “Don’t shoot!” Cough and call them traitors under your breath. Ask them how they sleep at night.  Disrupt every single moment of their normal interactions with the public.

End Community Outreach: Protest any public activity sponsored by the department. Show up with photos of the children killed or maimed by the police. Make it uncomfortable and make sure officers and administrators know the public is no longer on their side.

Demand the Death Penalty: When cops kill an unarmed person and protests follow, we typically ask for “justice”. We never define what that justice needs to be. We need to openly advocate for the death penalty. Petitions, radio call-ins to local stations, disrupting live media broadcasts, press conferences, and protests need to seek the execution of officers who violate the public trust.

Protests in Bad Taste: For most of the activist community, protesting at funerals is off-limits. It’s time to remove this sense of good taste. Every time an officer or retired officer dies for whatever reason, the funeral needs to be actively picketed. If possible, gain details about use of force complaints filed against the officer. Hold signs with the names of those victimized by the officer. Heroes don’t have victims.

These campaigns should be conducted in coordination with an intensified campaign demanding psychological testing, personal liability insurance for officers, a national registry of bad cops, a zero tolerance policy regarding use of force or civil rights violations, and the termination of any officer that kills an unarmed person.

This article first appeared at TheFifthColumn