Adam Kokesh to Receive No Jail Time


Gun rights activist and military veteran Adam Kokesh was given a suspended sentence by a Fairfax County judge on Friday. Kokesh had been convicted of drug and gun-related felonies after his home was raided by police.

Kokesh entered Alford pleas for possession of mushrooms while also having an AR-15. Both items were found in a cabinet in his basement while being searched in July of last year.

In an Alford Plea, the defendant does not admit guilt but concedes that the prosecutors have sufficient evidence to reach a conviction. Kokesh has also lost his right to possess guns.

The raiding of Kokesh’s home followed his posting of a video to YouTube, in which he is seen loading and racking a shotgun in the Freedom Plaza in D.C. on July 4, 2013.

“Violence itself is the greatest violation of freedom,” Kokesh said in court. “I’m the opposite of dangerous.” Kokesh also held up a T-shirt that had the word “Freedom” printed on the front.

Adam Kokesh is host of the podcast, Adam vs. The Man and has written a book, Freedom!.