Adam Kokesh on Running For Non-President, Relationships and 10 Days of Ayahuasca


Jeff interviews Adam Kokesh of Adam vs The Man and Freedom, topics include: running for not-president, the peaceful dissolution of government, self government, the Libertarian party campaign, anarchists in politics, government is a criminal enterprise, non-violent systems that render governments obsolete, liquidating state assets, 10 years of full time activism, winning hearts and minds, libertarian infighting vs mutual support, reserving public shaming for real miscreants, private contracts and relationships, building an earthship, misuse of pot, Adams experience with Ayahuasca at Trip To Wellness, Adams journey from warrior to healer, homesteading, Adams return to media production, the Orwellian fake news debacle,  online media censorship, emotional freedom and self determination, the developing culture of applied Libertarianism, Anarchapulco 2017!

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