An Open Letter to Police Officers and Our Heroes in the Military


Only very few of us are capable of following the challenging path you have taken. It takes a sound mind, immense courage, a big heart, and a strong body to have the right stuff. We also acknowledge that it is a very perilous profession in which you risk sacrificing everything. For this we greatly appreciate and honor you. As a public servant who was sworn to protect or to defend, you also serve as a good role model for the rest of us to emulate. Many of us even consider you our heroes especially our children and elderly who are most vulnerable.

But lately you have been at a crossroads where you must now make a decision. One that has you pondering the oath you have taken and what it really means to be American. Do you honor our individual rights as expressly demanded by the supreme law of the land or do you maintain the rule of law imposed by our local jurisdiction or mandated by your commanders? Many local and federal laws or directives from the ranks violate our constitutional rights especially those grouped as the Bill of Rights.

In their wisdom our founding fathers cited such stipulations to limit the scope and powers of government and prevent it from becoming pernicious. America once took pride in serving as a world beacon of freedom and democracy but we can no longer declare this if you participate in an abuse of authority. Without protections from the American Constitution we become mere tax slaves. But it can only secure us if you acknowledge it and reflect on how it has also benefited you and your loved ones. If you ignore this it ceases to have any substance and it can no longer shelter anyone.

Freedom is more important than being alive because without it life has no value. This is not the America that we grew up with. What will our children inherit? Will we disappoint them as we comfortably sit back in apathy or should we gather up our courage to rise up and change things? Valor is not a slogan that only belongs to the brave few who serve the state. It also belongs to patriots who refuse to remain obedient on their knees despite the possible consequences. Other than self-sacrifice, there is no higher honor.

A true officer of the peace or a hero in the service of our country would never serve the state before protecting their own people. It takes far more courage to disobey orders than to have an overwhelming advantage while blindly following those that would oppress your own countrymen. Never allow them to convince you that we are criminals when we peacefully exercise any of our individual rights even if this results in our assembly. We are your own civilian children, brothers and sisters, parents, in-laws, friends, friends of friends, and strangers and acquaintances that you would have loved if only you had known us.

No higher dishonor or indignity exists on the trusted few who have turned on us. There is nothing patriotic or American about it. Abuse of authority that suspends civil rights is unlawful and an unforgivable betrayal to your country despite where the orders originate from.

No one can force you to do anything without your conscious consent. Despite what your commanders might say or pressure you with, you do have the right to refuse to follow unlawful orders. The responsibility therefore lies solely with you. The decision you make is one that you will have to live with for the rest of your life and one that we will never forget. It may also be one that will resonate throughout the ranks in the conscience of your commanders and most importantly, in the hearts and minds of your fellow Americans. Whether the impact is positive or negative is really up to you.

Please never forget that despite the honorable uniform that we clothe you with, you are still one of us. We trust that you will do the right thing. May peace, prosperity, security, and happiness always find you. But this is only possible if you honor your oaths.

Recommended Reading and Viewing

Please view the following two very inspiring short-films: Oath Keepers Declaration of Orders We Will NOT Obey and Amazing Speech By War Veteran (Mike Prysner). They are relevant to all who are in the service of protecting the public from internal hostilities or external aggression. These are our police officers and military soldiers who are instituted to heroically serve and protect or to defend with honor and duty.

For more on the Oath Keepers please visit whose motto happens to be (also very honorably): not on our watch.

And finally if you are a civilian reading this it is very important to know your rights during a confrontation with police. The following video entitled, 10 Rules for Dealing with Police (Full-Length), does an excellent job at explaining this.

About Author

Jules Manson is a mechanical engineer usually working in aerospace/defense. He has a great love for this nation and its people but is very concerned on where it is headed. Although an anarchist (for a stateless voluntarist society) at heart he realizes that the American people are not yet psychologically primed to accept this. Therefore he remains a strong advocate for libertarianism and is currently a member of the Libertarian Party upon which he often volunteers his time with.