Anarchast Ep. 210 Walter Block: Mr Libertarian On Why We Should Support Rand Paul


Jeff interviews Mr. Libertarian, an Austrian school economist and anarcho-capitalist theorist, Walter Block. Topics include: Supporting Rand Paul in a potentially effective position, he’s pretty darn good!, Rand Paul will at least audit the fed, Libertarianism getting a lot of attention, The USA’s 150 military bases are offensive not defensive, It should be fine, even as an anarchist, to go into politics to effect change, How much power does a president actually have? Defining Anarchism as against unjustified rule, world government vs anarchism, We did not sign a contract with government, Rand Paul promoting liberty, Rand Paul can beat Killary Clinton , The Dallas Accord, We have come a long way, Tim Moen of the Libertarian Party and how Stefan Molyneux, James Corbett, Dan Dicks, Wendy McElroy, Walter Block and Richard Heathen should all run in the coming Kanadian election under the anarchist grounded Libertarian Party of Canada, revising history, Abraham Lincoln was a fascist and how secessionist movements are welcome and growing.

Walter Block’s website: