Anarchast Ep. 222 Sieg Pedde: The Rise of Libertarianism!


Jeff interviews the founder of the Libertarian Party of Canada, Sieg Pedde, topics include: Sieg announces his intention to run again for the first time since 1974! the party still alive after 40 years and is bigger than ever, the people are looking for a fresh alternative, rising awareness, ballooning national debt, getting prepared for what is coming, 90% of Canada’s trade is with the US, Canadians more tolerant of reasonable dissent than the US, bill C51 protests, running out of time, the Canadian healthcare system, need for care in dismantling the state, semi privatized monopolies, Canadian banking system, Libertarianism nothing to do with the ‘right’, Sieg running in Perth Wellington, we need more people to step up for the Libertarian Party, if you are Canadian please consider standing yourself!