Anarchast Ep. 226 Scott Horton: Antiwar and Peace!


Jeff interviews Scott Horton, host of Antiwar Radio, assistant editor at and host of The Scott Horton Show, topics include: the origins of ISIS, the Arab spring, the role of the US, Libya, Egypt, Al Qaeda, Syria, misinformation, George Bush, Barack Obama, Turkey, Israel, US policy made in Israel, Prince Bandar, Hamas, Palestine, Hezbollah, Lebanon, Sunni vs Shiites conflict, Ukraine, NATO, backstabbing the Russians, the Orange Revolution con job, Putin, Europe, Victoria Nuland’s phone call coup plot, snipers in the Madan, McCain, when the Russians took Crimea not a shot was fired, Ukraine is Russia’s ‘Canada’, Russia has the power to fight back and secret weapons, propaganda war, Macedonia, oil and gas pipelines, Jeb Bush’s neocon cabal likely to take power, under investigation and legal defence resulting in loss of donors, loss of Google ad funding.’s fundraising Raffle for a permaculture Stay in Costa Rica:

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