Anarchast Ep. 227 Ole Dammegard: Shedding Light on Conspiracies!


Jeff interviews conspiracy fact seeker, artist and musician, Ole Dammegard, topics include: the importance of non-violence during total fearless exposure of what’s going on, the term conspiracy theorist used to undermine truth seekers in public opinion, exposing political assassins, high profile assassinations perpetrated by the same team of assassins, 9/11, the political usefulness of false flag events, the docility of the public mind, the danger of exposing power, the murder of fact seeking colleagues, fears for personal safety, accepting the risk and not backing down, massive upsurge of public awareness, the death throws of power, 2015 the year of transcending this obstacle, power is vastly outnumbered, the need for togetherness and resisting divisiveness, debt a tool of power, mind control, taking back power by waking up, federal reserve, saving the world, independent researchers need funding and support because they are the real journalists now, we need to find bravery in ourselves to stand side by side

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