Anarchast Ep. 230 Rick Falkvinge: Founder of the Swedish Pirate Party!


Jeff interviews Rick Falkvinge topics include: the morality of Anarchism, taxation is robbery, early computing, Pirate Bay, copying and sharing as a property right, copying is building civilization, I.P. is industrial protectionism, to enforce copyright is to lose privacy, the Swedish Pirate Party, political effectiveness, analogue equivalent rights, Libertarian party of Canada, party building techniques, the Pirate Party gets two people in parliament, real change, Bitcoin, an unbanked startup, decentralized business, your money in the bank is not your yours, bail in legislation, housing markets, the government always saves itself first, impending financial collapse, escaping the banking system, decentralisation as a growing defence against government. Rick Falkvinge to speak at Anarchapulco 2016.

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