Anarchast Ep.235 Roslyn Ross: Objectivist Parenting and Moving to Nicaragua!


Jeff interviews Roslyn Ross, author of the book ‘A Theory of Objectivist Parenting’, topics include: objectivism, Atlas Shrugged, there can not be a healthy relationship between a government and a citizen, epistemology and abstraction, objectivist parenting, parenting with respect from birth, building a trusting relationship with your child, avoiding emotional repression, self medication vs spicing your life, Ayn Rand, the prolongation of childhood, raising children in reality, we feed fantasy to our children and exclude them from the world, bringing your child into actual life with you, moving to Nicaragua, Nicaragua is peaceful and cheap and much more…

Rosyns book ‘A Theory of Objectivist Parenting’:

Roslyn’s blog:

The Dollar Vigilante:

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