Anarchast Ep. 249 Macey Tomlin: Anarchy, Love and Psychedelics!


Jeff interviews Macey Tomlin, topics include: Macey’s meeting and engagement to Adam Kokesh, the Loving Freedom show on love and relationships, non-violent communication, the simplicity of free market economics, coming out as a libertarian, the increasing awakening of the young, the role of psychedelics in opening minds to freedom, psychedelics confront you with the truth, deep personal/spiritual realizations, everything is right with the universe, their are risks though, Iboga as a life reset, their healing properties, the evolution of humanity, the first time in human history that psychedelics are illegal, Ayhuasca and Anarchapulco!

The Loving Freedom podcast on…

Macey Tomlin’s video on Love & Freedom:…

Jeff’s TDV article on his Iboga experience:…

Anarchapulco, Anarchast’s Annual Conference:

The Dollar Vigilante:


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