Animal Rights Group Steals Homeless Man’s Puppy and Put It up for Sale


Paris, France — French animal rights group Cause Animal Nord (CAN) created a worldwide controversy after they snatched a puppy away from a homeless man on the streets of Paris.

By:  John Vibes

This article first appeared at ANTIMEDIA

The group claimed the man was drugging the dog but did not offer any proof to substantiate this claim. To make matters worse, the CAD quickly put the dog up for sale at roughly $200. However, after the video of the dog being taken went viral, the page where it was being sold was quickly removed.

In a later statement the group said, “We intervened because it was an urgent situation for the animal. There was no violence at any moment. The person had thrown himself to the ground, crushing the puppy. The puppy was stunned, had dilated pupils, and was staggering around.

There is a strong element of racism among Cause Animal Nord. The man the stolen dog belongs to is from a persecuted minority group known as the Romani or Roma people. CAD’s leader, Antony Blandhard, recently wrote an open letter to the French president complaining about immigrants, specifically Roma people.

In the video posted of the incident, the members of the group can be seen fighting with the man as they attempt to take the puppy. Eventually, the man was outnumbered and overcome and members of CAD managed to get away with the dog, leaving the owner to run wailing after them and the yelping puppy.

Gregory Malfait — of the Lille-Roubaix Animal Protection League — condemned the actions of the activists, saying, “It is absolutely illegal and this time it makes me mad… The homeless are extremely attached to their animals.”

A petition posted on drew over 75,000 signatures — calling for Cause Animale Nord to be investigated and for the dog to be returned to its rightful owner.

Watch the video below:

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