Armed Patriots Stand Against Feds


NEXT NEWS | As you may have seen repeatedly across your newsfeeds and televisions the imagery of President Barack Obama walking the Selma bridge commemorating that historic moment when Martin Luther King led thousands to face off against police who would fire tear gas and beat them with clubs… all because they desired the right to vote.

Obama – Bush – and other dignitaries celebrated those Americans who stood defiant of the law.

That historical moment was 50 years ago… now… flash forward…Spokane Washington – Federal Courthouse

A story that wasn’t celebrated by the media – where no dignitaries cared to stand for a photo-op. instead American snipers would train their barrels on fellow Americans – Americans who chose to stand their ground and draw a line in the sand on friday March 6th 2015… it was a rally for the right to bear arms.

The rally was a response to the arrest of Anthony Bosworth a week earlier. He was arrested in front of his family, interrogated like a domestic terrorist then later released WITHOUT CHARGE because he had broken no laws. All because he had an unloaded rifle on his back.

A group calling themselves “LIBERTY FOR ALL” decided this would not stand and organized the Rally. However they would take it one step further… they would hold the rally at the courthouse – with loaded rifles.

According to Kit Lange, of the Patrick Henry Society, the rally was monitored by DHS helicopters, and undercover agents under the cold crosshairs of DHS snipers.

Kit, reflecting on the moment wrote these chilling words on her blog:

“As we reached the courthouse, several DHS vehicles were outside. As we stood on the sidewalk, outside federal property, a few of us started scanning—and found what we were looking for. Aside from the DHS helicopter overhead, there was a roving perimeter manned by SUVs with fake license plates. A homeless man on the sidewalk next to a building, holding a smartphone that was taking video. Another man sitting on a bench pretending to read a book while watching closely. Someone else walking around through the crowd trying to chat up the attendees and get their business cards or contact information. There were snipers on the roof…many of them, positioned in such a way that no matter where we were in the area, we could be taken out any moment.”

Let’s take a look at the moment they reached the Courthouse, led by Bosworth, and peacefully assembled with arms in hand:…

Shortly after that video was made the Southern Poverty Law center published an article to their HATEWATCH blog labeling them “anti-government” despite the fact that they were waving American flags and singing the National Anthem.

Despite the magnitude of the events of the day going largely unnoticed by the Mainstream Media, and the rest of America, it is significant to note that the FEDs backed down and arrested no one. Just as they did at Bundy Ranch – because the security and freedom of the free state is preserved ONLY by a well armed militia.

For the moment the people scored a victory in the this modern day revolution – thankfully no blood was spilled on either side… even though they were willing to die.

Kit closed with these thoughts, “I looked around and I saw enemy everywhere. But I also saw people who would have given their lives in a heartbeat, who understand the cost and are willing to pay it next week, tomorrow, or two seconds from now. Yesterday is now part of history, and our children will remember the days that their parents stood. They will tell their children later that this is how it is done. That liberty can NEVER be allowed to fall, even if it means that every single one of us does. We will not comply. Not today, not tomorrow, and not even if our blood pools on the ground. You have our word.

Maybe in 50 years these people will be regarded as heroes who held to their values and stood firm on their rights… much like those who were stuck down at the hands of the state as they crossed the Selma Alabama Bridge.