Breaking: Gary Johnson Retires as Pot CEO to ‘Pursue Political Opportunities’


According to Cannabis Sativa Inc. Gary Johnson has resigned to ‘pursue political opportunities‘.   Hmmm…  Whatever could that mean?!

Many libertarians love Gary Johnson and have been tirelessly waiting for him make an official announcement either way.  It’s time to shit or get off the pot.  While this isn’t that official announcement….  but more of just an obvious connection of dots…  Goods news for many libertarians nonetheless.

I can say that I myself have been getting pretty frustrated waiting.  With the Republican and Democratic debates spending so much time in the spotlight I just feel like it would nice to have more liberty candidates refuting the statists.

Looks like this time around should be interesting for the LP.  With  John McAfee and Austin Petersen having both announced that they will be running as well, any debate will surely in the least be fun.

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