Breaking: John McAfee will run as Libertarian candidate for President


70 year old Cyber Security pioneer John McAfee has announced he will be in the running for the Libertarian Presidential ticket.

According to USA Today:

The mercurial McAfee, who this year announced his run for the presidency under the Cyber Party to “disrupt the political status quo” and warn of the “dangerously ignored issue of cybersecurity,” said in a phone interview today he will join the Libertarian Party, where he is likely to land the nomination.

“They have (10) candidates (for president), none of whom have personality,” said a laughing McAfee, who is is running on a platform to pardon all marijuana users in prison and “stop the U.S. from being the world’s policeman.”

For many libertarians this news will come as welcome breath of fresh air.  In the midst of a somewhat stale pool of liberty candidates.  Rand Paul is not doing as well as many would like and has still not managed to gain the support of the many who were die hard supporters of his father.  Gary Johnson still hasn’t formally announced whether he plans to shit or get off the pot.  Austin Petersen should probably just walk his steadfast obnoxious ass straight into oncoming traffic.

Here is an interview Derrick Broze had with McAfee back in September where McAfee lays down his thoughts and agendas pertaining to the drug war, the Federal Reserve, Team America World Police, the Silk Road & the other 2016 Presidential candidates.

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