BREAKING: Militia Moves to Prevent Another Waco


JOSEPHINE COUNTY, OREGON | A story we’ve been tracking for days now – THE BLM is up to old tricks this time – a Gold Mining claim in Oregon at the Sugar Pine Mine – I reached out to Oathkeepers founder Stewart Rhodes and Mary Emerick, Josephine County Oathkeepers Public Information Officer to get the facts on this edition of Breaking Point on the Next News Network.

So what do we know right now? We know the BLM is attempting to force Gold Miners off a plot of land they’ve been using for nearly 140 years and Reports have surfaced that the BLM threatened to BURN down buildings on site if the miners don’t vacate the claim.

We also know the independent Militia, from coast to coast, has been called up to once again to ensure that due process is upheld and to prevent the BLM assault on the miners.

However we know all too well that the government has no problem burning down buildings and avoiding due process we saw it in Waco, 22 years ago, when they indiscriminately murdered women and children.

We know according to two affidavits posted at, a BLM official, only identified as DANNY, has openly declared that he “has issues with the constitution” after he served Cease and Desist Orders.

Mary Emerick Confirmed a staging area has been set up and camp rules established to govern the arriving private security forces:

She would not divulge how many people have arrived on site but she was clear to point out the Oathkeepers intentions.

Meanwhile Sheriff Dave Daniel stated, the BLM are not taking action at this time. And BLM Special Agent Mike Swindon also stated the BLM is standing down.

People close to the situation are requesting that all parties interested in preserving the constitution remain on STANDBY because of the BLM’s history of deceptive and dishonest tactics.

Stewart Rhodes Confirmed the these facts when I spoke to him moments ago.

So if you want to stand up and defend these miners report to the staging area at

2491 Camp Joy Road Grants Pass (Merlin), Oregon, 97526

All responders and media personnel are required to check in at the staging area before going to the camp site.

So far the media has been dead silent on this an only the alternative media is reporting on this.

If you have a stake in liberty and you don’t want to see another WACO please do your part, and share this report. It could save a life.

Also please leave any links to resources or articles on this story in the comments section we want to make sure we have a repository of information when people watch this report.