Can the Bong Beat Ebola Better Than Obama?


Yesterday I asked why the US government holds a patent on the Ebola virus. I asked for your most plausible explanation or conspiracy theory to explain this. I was glad to see a lot of people point toward an intellectual property (IP) conspiracy rather than some of the other, stranger conspiracies circulating about right now.

Fans of my writing know that I am not a fan of fear mongering so I am glad at least some people (like Shepard Smith) are putting things in context so people can better assess their risk of contracting the Ebola virus accurately. I think that SergeantR said it best on Reddit, “More Americans have been dumped by Taylor Swift than have died from Ebola.”

Ever opportunistic, President Obama can always be counted upon to capitalize upon an emergency and Ebola seems no different. In fact, he just authorized calling up National Guard reservists to wage “War on Ebola”. But perhaps the real way to win the “War on Ebola” is to finally end the failed War on Drugs, or at least the war on pot users? In an interesting twist, I just happened to stumble upon this article by retired Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeon David B. Allen M.D. He writes:

“[D]own regulation of the immune system by cannabinoids may be a key in survival of HIV and may indeed translate into survival for Ebola patients. The direct Killing or Cidal effect of Cannabinoids is proven in HIV infections,(4) but not yet in Ebola. Inhibition of VEGF is crucial to prevent endothelial leakage and haemorrhage.

Because cannabis is so very safe especially under doctor supervision, I believe it is crucial for the medical community to start human trials on survivability of Ebola infected patients regardless of the political restraints.”

If this is so, President Obama’s appointment of vocal drug war critic Vanita Gupta to replace Eric Holder will certainly save more lives than sending National Guard reservists to West Africa. We’ve all heard the old adage that “the pen is mightier” than the sword but what if the bong is indeed mightier than both Ebola and Obama?

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