Can We Recall Barry’s Nobel Peace Prize Already?!?!


RT has reported 8 civilians, including 3 children, dead by the hands of recent U.S. led airstrikes on Syria. At least 30 militants were reported dead as well, leaving us with a disturbing “militant” to “civilian” death ratio.

How much money is perpetual war costing us and exactly how much good do you think it’s doing?  Just as many predicted, Obama (the 2008 “peace candidate” & 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner) has only driven the U.S. further down the military industrial complex’s rabbit hole of death and destruction.

Where is the anti-war left of the Bush years?  Why aren’t the Christian right infuriated?

If we ever hope to be a beacon of peace in this world we need to not participate in the  slaughter.  It seems as though each occupation merely drives us further into more occupations.  All the while increasing the bloodshed and the number of our enemies.  The War on Terror is never ending as it can never be won.  As with the Drug War, War on Poverty & War on Education.  All these wars have proven to be no more than money making schemes for the powers that be, while enslaving the peasants to fit the bill.

Good ideas don’t require force.

The Telegraph released this shocking video today, documenting the destruction in the aftermath of the recent air strikes:

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