Candidate For State Rep. Runs on Campaign Platform of “YOLO SWAG 420 BLAZE IT” in New Hampshire


In New Hampshire, home of the Free State Project and the Porcupine Freedom Festival, a number of Libertarian minded individuals are running for office in hopes of repealing bad laws.

In recent years, most candidates have chosen to run within the Republican and Democratic parties so they have a better chance of getting the word out about their philosophy and their ideas.  Some candidates, like Vermin Supreme have used satire and comedy to shine light on the problems with the current system.

In the current election for state representative of district 4 in New Hampshire, a candidate is running on a platform of “YOLO SWAG 420 BLAZE IT”, and passing out flyers around college campuses that say “Having A Good Time Shouldn’t Be A Crime”.  The flyers that him and his team are handing out look like more like advertisements for a rave than a politician, showing candidate James Cleaveland holding a water bottle and wearing glowsticks.

James Cleaveland is a Robin Hood founder, Free Keene member, and accountant.

Some of Cleaveland’s campaign promises are voting to legalize marijuana, lower the drinking age, and allow bars to stay open later.

james cleaveland full

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