Ceebo Tha Rapper’s New Music Video About Police Violence


Ceebo Tha Rapper just finished his third music video since the murder of a young man he grew up with in South Central Los Angeles.

By Patti Beers @ TheAntiMedia

On August 11, 2014 Ezell Ford was walking to the the store when he was shot by LAPD Cops Sharlton Wampler and Antonio Villegas. LAPD reported that Ezell Ford reached for a cop’s gun. Witnesses tell another story. They said he complied with the cops and was laying on the ground and there was no struggle before he was murdered.

After the death of his close family friend Ceebo the Rapper has been using his music as an outlet for the righteous anger he feels. Ceebo leads marches, preforming his songs, while protesting against LAPD’s Newton District.

Ceebo Tha Rapper’s latest video

Fuck Tha Police Ceebo The Rapper Rip Ezell Ford by Mason Knight

Mr.Officer Video Ceebo Tha Rapper Rip Ezell Ford By Mason Knight

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