VIDEO: Cop Goes Ballistic On Man Asserting His Rights


In this video uploaded to Facebook last Saturday, a man is stopped by police for what the officer calls a “road side safety check”.  That alone is cause for a “what the fuck?” moment, but it gets even worse. As the man calmly asserts his rights, one of the officers suddenly goes ballistic, screaming at the man and throwing open his car door.

More and more, we are seeing examples of police abusing their privilege and power and attempting to undermine our constitutional rights. Fortunately, an increasing number of people are diligently filming the police and recording these encounters. By sharing videos like these, we hope to raise awareness of the growing police state and hold perpetrators of these violations accountable.

Here is the victim, Ryan Scott, recounting his experience:

I was just stopped at an unconstitutional CHECKPOINT in DeKalb, Illinois. This was Illinois State Police conducting the unconstitutional searches. You won’t believe how this just went down! I completely forgot to ask for name and badge number because this guy scared the shit out of me. He was not aware that he was being recorded when he ripped my door open. Unbelievable! This kind of misconduct and behavior is not acceptable. This is what happens when you exercise your Constitutional Rights as a law abiding American citizen. This incident ironically occurred on “Thank a police officer day”. Share the hell out of this and make this video go viral!