Cops Give Woman Back Her Stolen Car Filled With Guns And Drugs – Twice!


Calgary, CA — Courtney Pickering recently had her car stolen, and luckily the police were actually able to recover it for her. However, the thieves left behind a few of their belongings, including guns and drugs. Pickering says that they must have done a terrible job searching the car because it was not difficult for her to find the items.

By:  John VIbes

This article first appeared at FreeThoughtProject.

After the theft occurred, Pickering was called and told by police that she would be allowed to have her car back after the “forensics team” searched the vehicle. This team overlooked a bag of cocaine in the cup holder, a crack pipe on the rear seat, multiple pieces of identification reportedly belonging to the suspects, a knife in the front passenger door, a lead pipe and a gun under the seat.

Pickering was able to notice all this before pulling out of the impound lot, so it seems that a forensics team probably didn’t even open her car door.

Pickering was concerned that if she pulled out of the lot, she could be arrested for the things that were inside her car. To prevent this, she threw the bag of cocaine on the ground, as advised by the lot attendant, and called the police to retrieve the rest of the illegal material they neglected to take the first time around.

The police responded, grabbed the items and left. This is where the story should end, right? However, when Pickering’s car was towed to a repair shop, she searched it one last time to find the butt of a gun sticking out from under the seat.

“At this point, I can’t tell if it’s real or fake, but all I know is my hands have been on too many illegal things in the past 24 hours and I didn’t want any more,Pickering said.

“I’m trying to make enough noise so that hopefully maybe it’ll affect that one officer or even anyone in their day-to-day operations. Think of the tax dollars that could’ve been saved if they had just given it 10 minutes more than they did,” she said.

If she was pulled over down the street, she would likely be facing multiple charges and it would probably be hard for her to fight the case. She has recently filed a complaint against the department and they are reportedly investigating the case.

This article first appeared at FreeThoughtProject.