CREEPY: New IBM program lets banks and retailers spy on your Social Media Activities


IBM CHICAGO | While the fight for your privacy rages on Capitol Hill IBM just unleashed a powerful new spy tool into the public sector.

IBM today announced 20 new industry-specific solutions with pre-built predictive analytics capabilities that will make it easier and faster for corporations to act.

Specifically designed for the banking, telecommunications, insurance and retail industries it taps into your social networking activities and predicts your next move.

The future is coming fast, and like the film Minority Report big banks and mega retailers will know your move before you ever think it.

Urban Outfitters, National Grid, Deloitte, Interactive Data Managed Solutions, and Adelaide Bank and more are Already on board with the new spy program.

No longer is the NSA alone in spying on you now IBM is leveraging your “Behavioral analytics” based on your Facebook and Twitter posts.

While at least the NSA has to pay lip service to the Constitution in brave new world corporations don’t.

Should IBM be allowed to harvest your social online activities and hand them to corporations to predict your next move?