Criticism: Why I Was Wrong About Socialism


Stefan Molyneux responds to YouTube comment criticism of his “Why I Was Wrong About Socialism” video.

0:12 – “I think being Libertarian is something like being a hermit type person, who is living on his own desert island where everything is up to that person, who can do what they want because they are on their own. They can build their own society anyway they want it to be. They can survive or die, achieve or fail, but ultimately they are on their own. I think in the perfect Libertarian society there could be other people, but every person would have their own desert island.”

4:13 – “It’s very obviously easy to reject self ownership. “Owning your own body and owning the effects.” Ego is an illusion and choices are made by biological, deterministic processes. Your entire worldview is fucked to the point where you deny any conclusions that don’t depend on some your view of the importance of agency.”

7:51 – “The fundamental difference between a factory and a toothbrush is the collective benefit you dimwit. You keep saying you can’t create artificial distinctions, but here you are claiming a priori that property rights and personal responsibility is and ought to be more important than consequentialism. How is that not subjective? The hypocrisy and low brow philosophizing on this channel is just pathetic to watch. That’s why it’s a youtube show.”

12:51 – “The earth being the center of the universe is not necessarily false. It is only a model. 2+3=4 can be proven false. You can not prove or disprove any central point of orientation in the universe. But I will agree that the earth being the center is a more complicated model to ingest.”

13:49 – “SM always has two things he mindlessly bangs on that makes his “freedomain” radio such a farce. 1) government is evil, but he never analyses what government is and what other forces are relative to government, how it could change … the whole discussion and idea is juvenile and superficial. 2) collectivism and socialism, communism whatever. Again, superficial sloganeering He talks about freedom with the real intent being to support powerful private interests which will take your freedom away when government is not there to be influenced by you. Every one of his talks and videos suffers from these propagandistic themes.”

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