Dash is Financial Privacy


Privacy is a human right. It makes us what we are. It has been proven many times that when we don’t expect privacy, we behave differently. We don’t dare to experiment and create. We stop being humans. Some people say that only those with something to hide will worry about privacy, but that is a fallacy. Human rights can’t be granted on a case by case basis and according to the granter’s criteria. They are universal by definition.
Financial privacy is a key aspect of privacy. In modern societies we leave a trace of payments that say everything about us. We need it to avoid companies analysing our data to know more about ourselves than we do. We need it to defend from governments and criminals, who will use any knowledge they get about our finances, to target us and put us into their lists. We need it because all the previous actors often act together against individuals.
Dash is Private
Traditionally cash was the tool to use to keep some financial privacy. However, most countries have declared war on cash. They want full control, but cash escapes their surveillance. They have imposed arbitrary limits to its usage and force people to use banks or electronic money. (switch)
In addition, cash doesn’t work well on the internet, so we need new ways to protect our financial privacy.
Dash is DigitalCash
Dash is build on top of Bitcoin to achieve real digital cash. By using an innovative network structure, Dash gives its users the power to make private instant payments in a completely decentralised way. Dash keeps all of Bitcoin’s remarkable achievements while improving on them to protect the user. Nobody, be it a company, a government or a criminal, will be able to gain knowledge of anything that the Dash-user doesn’t want them to know. Dash has a public blockchain and all the advantages associated with that, but it lets the users build firewalls at any time so the trace to their other transactions is severed. By doing this, users are the ones who decicide.
Dash is Freedom in Finances