David Farrer: A Scottish Libertarian Deconstructs the Vote


Jeff Deist and David Farrer deconstruct Thursday’s referendum vote from a libertarian perspective.

Jeff Deist has joined the Mises Institute as President, following many years as an advisor to Ron Paul and as a tax attorney specializing in mergers and acquisitions for private equity clients.

Jeff was Congressman Paul’s chief of staff during the 2012 election, and his press secretary in Congress from 2000 to 2006. He and his wife, Paula, have two children, 8 and 4.

“Jeff is a great fit as someone who knows Austrian economics, and he’s a great speaker, leader, and fundraiser,” said outgoing president Lew Rockwell, who remains actively engaged as the Institute’s Chairman and CEO. “Our movement’s amazing growth in recent years brings with it many new opportunities, and it also brought many new attacks from the friends of the regime. Jeff comes to us already equipped to handle all of that quite well.”

Deist arrived at the Mises Institute campus in Auburn last month, and has already assumed the role of President. “Ron Paul’s congressional staff viewed the Mises Institute as our intellectual home,”Deist stated. “We applied Austrian principles and scholarship to virtually everything Ron did as a member of Congress. I’m honored to join an organization Ron has enthusiastically supported from the very beginning, and excited about dedicating myself to furthering the Austrian message.”