Dead Kids Are More Important Than Gay Marriage


And I’m gay.

Like me, you’ve probably seen half of your Facebook friends spring up with red & pink HRC equal sign profile pictures. You eventually figured out what they were about: the Supreme Court case on California’s Proposition 8 that would legalize gay marriage.

So the issue of gay marriage is important for many libertarians; I personally support marriage laws, while they exist, to apply equally to everyone, including the LGBTQ crowd. Of course, I’d like there to be no marriage laws.

Marriage licenses were first invented to prohibit interracial marriages, so they suck.

However, I changed my profile picture to a photo of dead Middle Eastern kids. Why? Why not?

I know it’s not as trendy these days to CONTINUE TO HARP ON ABOUT THOSE KIDS WE’RE KILLING OVERSEAS. But I guess I’m just not that cool.

It makes me angry that half of my friends who changed their profile photos to support gay marriage voted for Obama. He changed his stance on gay marriage in an election year to get the gay vote; that’s personally insulting.

And his stance isn’t particularly radical: His stance is pretty much what Republican Congressman Ron Paul’s had been for his entire political career. “Let the states deal with it.”

This just further illustrates that people, by and large, will only care about the causes they’re “allowed” to care about, causes that are sanctioned and promoted by the media and their favorite celebrities.

It makes me sick every time I see my profile picture, and I hope it makes everyone else sick as well.
I’m sick of dead kids.

It’s a luxury to debate over gay marriage in a country where we don’t have to fear daily that we’re going to be drone bombed for no reason. We’re lucky, and at this point, gay marriage is a first world problem that pales in comparison to the importance of ending our murderous and pointless foreign wars.

Bring the troops home. Then let’s get married.

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