The Death of Reason: Why People Don’t Listen to Reason and Evidence


All living organisms depend upon their accurate perception of reality to survive and reproduce. If a gazelle fails to identify a predator, it will get eaten. For a lion, a mistimed lunge may be the difference between a full belly and death through starvation, or even broken bones from a zebra’s kick. Human beings lack the sharp nails and teeth of lions or the speed of gazelles, yet we posses the most powerful – and dangerous – tool within the animal kingdom – our minds. We would therefore expect the human brain to be highly capable of accurately analyzing and conceptualizing the world around us.

The process of reasoning invariably involves the use of logic, and logic itself is derived from the immutable properties of the physical world. Empiricism is another component of reason that depends upon the accurate perception of reality.

Reason is thus incredibly valuable to us, but what if reason itself gets in the way of our survival and reproductive success?

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