Democracy in Egypt: Poll Shows Public Wants To Stone Each Other


Last year, the U.S.-based Pew Research Center conducted a poll to see what a democracy might look like in Egypt. The results showed just how fallible of an idea that democracy is, because what the public voted on was just a different degree of authoritarianism.

According to the poll, 59% said that a democracy was “preferable to any other form of government”, but reports have not specified which options were available in the poll.  If the respondents were allowed to choose a decentralized society, or no government at all, the results may have been different, but having limited choices is the cornerstone of any democracy, so that seems fitting.

According to the poll, the new democracy would show a 54% majority vote for segregating men and women in the workplace, a 77% majority vote for cutting off the hands of thieves, an overwhelming 82% majority vote for public stoning of people who commit adultery, and a shocking 84% majority vote for killing anyone who breaks from the state imposed religion.

The idea of democracy is an extremely dangerous thing during times of revolution, regardless of where it happens in the world.

In Egypt we can see how the acceptance of democracy post revolution has just led to the establishment of another dictatorship, and I would argue that this is exactly what democracy is intended to do.

Many people often get the concept of voting confused with democracy, but these are two totally different things.

There is nothing wrong with voting on common voluntary decisions, but there is definitely something wrong with voting how, when and under what circumstances violence can be used against your neighbors.

When it comes down to it, that’s exactly what democracy is and this becomes abundantly clear during times of revolution and political campaigns.

Most of the revolutions that have sprung up in the middle east over the past two years were automatically labeled as “pro democracy” protests by western media and opportunistic power grabbers, because a system of democracy would be easy to influence and wouldn’t disrupt the global status-quo.

After the revolution in Egypt, democracy was automatically positioned as the next step for the country, but as we have seen recently, democracy during a revolution results in a process of mob rule, in which whoever gets in power is then given the privilege to boss everyone around and use legalized force to back up their demands.

Many people forget that Hitler was democratically elected, as were some of the most infamous tyrants in history.

Today, democracy is actually the primary way that dictators achieve power.

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