Denmark Isn’t a Meme


Another Denmark Meme is making the rounds and of course it’s full of lies and bullshit. It’s the usual stuff about “free” things, which are easily discarded with the argument “nothing is free – you’ve just paid for it through your taxes and so has everyone else, now go say ‘thank you to everyone for the free shit they gave you against their will”.


This article wont go into the details as much as any of my previous articles have. I think most people already get it, but I can’t help but warn people of other nations against the Nanny State that so many politicians want to create. It’s a bad thing!

Free Healthcare

First of all, healthcare isn’t free in Denmark, not even if you discount the fact that we pay for it through taxation. Pharmaceuticals still cost a lot of money, so while you pay in advance for the diagnosis, the cure will cost you even more. Yes, you will get a few bucks in support towards your pills and ointments, but it’ll still cost you money.

Free healthcare is a myth that keeps coming back. Noone cares about the (lack of) quality of the “free” healthcare. I, and a lot of other people, have experienced something called “waiting list” care, which means you get in line and await your turn to get the healthcare you’ve already paid for. You have to wait in line to get healthcare you have already paid for by force!

How about other options, then? Nope, can’t have that. First of all, you can’t afford other options to public healthcare – your taxes are too high. If you’re rich you can go to a private hospital, but that’s expensive, and why would you, even if you’re rich, go to a private hospital and pay for healthcare you’ve already paid for over the taxes?

The “free healthcare” isn’t free and it’s very ineffective. Quite a few people have died while on a waiting list for healthcare they have already paid for and have no alternative to. So, to everyone who says “I want free healthcare” I say; good luck, but don’t fucking force me into your delusion and stupidity!

Free education

Again, it’s already paid for through your taxes, but there is, again, an issue with the quality of the education you receive. In primary school you can actually opt out of the Public System and go for a private school. My parents did this for my sister and me, and I am grateful they did!

The problem is not that you don’t have to pay more than you – and everyone else – already did, but the fact that the rules and regulations for these schools, even the private schools, are dictated by the government. You can’t have a school that isn’t following a very strict set of guidelines, designed specifically to help the child understand that “our democratic government is good and right”.

Does it amaze anyone that politicians in Denmark are all in favour of the Public Schools in words on the pulpit, but have a tendency to enroll their own kids in Private Schools? Of course not – they know very well that the quality of the Public Schools – which we are all paying for – is very, very low and only the Private Schools – who survive by government grants and a tax deduction for the parents – are worthwhile for an education.

Free education will always be a poor education – get used to it and go sweep the floor.

Paid to study

Yeah, I’ve been there and done that. I started an education a long time ago and I quit. It is, however, actually true that all Danes pay the students of our nation but it’s not as good as you think. Let’s start with the fact that everyone else is paying for it through taxes. Yeah, I know, I’ve said that before but that’s how the Nanny State works; everyone else pays for your free shit and once you’ve earned a buck you’re the one paying for everyone else. Get used to it.

For instance, if you’re 20 years old, studying on a primary education (college-level) you’re pretty much screwed no matter whether you live at home or you have moved out of your parent’s basement. If you have moved out you get $885 in a monthly, but that is before taxes, and yes, even though you’re on a government education grant you have to pay taxes of that grant!

Fortunately you’re not paying a lot in taxes, but noone can survive on such a small income. You have to get a job or take a Student Loan from the Grant Service. Yes, you can actually loan money from the state in order to concentrate on your studies, but that’s going to cost you once you’ve finished school. You owe money to the state and the state always gets their money back. Always!

If you still have to take a job or a student loan aside from the government grant for studies; then why waste everyone else’s money on such a grant? Besides, what incentive is such a low student grant when the Wellfare “Kontanthjælp” – directly translates into “Cash Help” – which anyone without a job is entitled to, gives you an income at a little less than double of the student grant?!

I am not saying it doesn’t help the students, but it’s a worthless help and the entire system is too expensive to be effective. It shouldn’t be held up as something “good the nanny state does for it’s people” when it’s ineffective as hell.

Legal age

This is a new one I have seen recently. Apparently a lot of people think that we don’t have a legal drinking age in Denmark, but this is untrue. Straight out untrue. The legal drinking age in Denmark is 18 years old; you can’t buy any alcoholic beverage in Denmark unless you’re 18 years old. Simple as that.

You can drink under the supervision of your parents at any time, but on your own you have to be 18 years old. Same age as you’re allowed to get your drivers license, I might add.

Another new part of Denmark memes is age of sexual consent. Apparently it is shocking to some people that kids as young as 15 can have sex legally. I am of the firm belief that any individual is capable of deciding when they’re ready for sexual activities all by themselves and actually, so is the government.

The age of consent is a guideline, rather than an actual law. If you’re a lot older than 15 and have sex with some under that age, you should have known better. The guideline is mainly used to decide whether or not a rapist is a child molester or ‘just’ a rapist. They had to set the line somewhere and during my own teens this line actually changed a lot; it shifted between 15 and 16 on the very day I turned 15!

Friendly cops

Oh, wait. Wha-?!

I haven’t heard that one before and that one needs it’s own article. In this short recap of recent Denmark memes I’d just like to call bullshit. Our police is highly ineffective and have made certain choices that makes them the enemy of the people rather than our protectors.

In 2014 the Minister of Justice confirmed that the Copenhagen Police wouldn’t be investigating theft of less than 100.000,- DKK – that’s somewhere around $15,000! If the theft is less than that they don’t have the time to investigate; they are too busy catching speeding cars and checking pockets for illegal plants!

A failed experiment

It all sounds good on paper – but please be aware of the essence of that sentence. You can’t hear words on a piece of paper, and that’s actually a good analogy for the effeciency of the Nanny State. It sounds good with all the free healthcare, free education and all the other ‘good stuff’ we all want and need. It’s also quite easy for a politician to promise these things, but keeping those promises… not so much.

By paying for everything and accepting them as “free stuff” is not only living a lie, but it’s also very ineffective. The Nanny State is built in the premise of “do good for each other”, but it will eventually end up being bad for everyone involved. You pay a shitload of money for something you’d actually like to have, but receive the worst version of those services and you’ve got no choice but to accept those services – you have no other options.

The Nanny State is a huge lie but worst of all; the lies are based on good intentions. Everyone wants to help each other – even the staunchest capitalist wants to help other people – but the Nanny State is not the solution. We’ve tried it in Scandinavia and it doesn’t work.

The social democracy is a failed experiment and there is no need for you to repeat it. Communism is also a beautiful thought – everyone sharing and receiving according to their abilities and needs – but it doesn’t work. It never did.

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Danish Libertarian and adult film producer. Being fed up with living in the 'nanny-state' that is Denmark and hearing it constantly being praised by liberal americans I have decided to speak out against what should be the scariest nightmare for all; the nanny-state governed through parliamentary democracy.