Denmark – “Safe Space” Nation


I often call Denmark a Nanny State and the term apparently confuses a few people. Recently there have been a few incidents that clearly demonstrate the ”Nanny” called Denmark. Firstly, however, let’s define Freedom.

Freedom is the ”absolute abscence of coercion or force”. Coercion or force comes in varying degrees, but Freedom does not. If your coerced a lot you are further away from Freedom, and with just a little coercion you come closer to Freedom, but even the tiniest amount of coercion makes Freedom impossible.

The Nanny State takes away certain Freedoms, establishes a net below you so if you fall you will be caught by it and not die. Well, sounds like a good idea, right? Like, if you have kids and you’re away all day, you’d like a nanny to take care of them and make sure they don’t get hurt?

Yeah, it sounds like a good idea, but you’re letting other people decide how your kids are raised. You’re letting someone else make the rules, you’re letting them tell your kids what is right and what is wrong – and those moral values are then forced upon you because the nanny’s work should not be contradicted by you; the nanny’s word becomes law and you have to follow her rules as well.

Fuck you, fuck you and FUCK YOU!

Censorship of speech is one way to raise kids. You tell them they cannot use cursewords and when they do – because they will – you have to punish them. The nanny does this too, but she changes who can say what cursewords at what time, and that will confuse the kids. Just remember, the nanny knows better than you what is best for your kids, and you have to follow her rules – otherwise you will be punished as well!

Just like Freedom, Free Speech is an absolute. You either have it or you don’t. The Nanny has to impose censorship on your speech, otherwise she cannot control you and the nanny needs the control to be able to assure you don’t hurt yourself.

A decade ago a Danish newspaper published some cartoons that were blasphemic to Muslims. There were riots and an embassy was burned. People were killed in those riots and someone even attempted an assassination on one of the cartoonists.

You’d think Denmark had absolute Free Speech, right?

In the Danish Penal Code there is §266B, which states;

Whoever publicly or with the intent of dispersing to a wider audience, makes a statement or other kind of message in which a group is threatened, mocked or degraded on the basis of their race, skincolor, nationality or ethnic heritage, their faith or sexual orientation will be punished by fine or up to 2 years in jail.

Freedom of speech, my ass!

Recently we have had some sentences handed down by the courts in Denmark and I am appalled by the mere notion that people think themselves Free, when they aren’t allowed to say or write whatever. The fuck. They. Want!

Mogens Camre is a Danish politician, who, being a politican and a racist fucking bastard has been punished for using his Freedom of Speech. While I really can’t stand the son of a drunken whore, I will at any given time defend his right to free speech.

A while back he got on Twitter – which is never a good idea for an old, racist fuckwit – and wrote this tweet:

About the situation for the jews in Europe: the muslims are continueing where Hitler left off. Only the same treatment Hitler got will change this.”

It’s translated, but the essence doesn’t change. It means exactly what he wrote in Danish on July 24th 2014. He wrote this before the Charlie Hebdo attacks and the attacks in Copenhagen, which didn’t come for another year, but he was sentenced to 10 ‘day-fines’ (I have no idea how to translate that word or the concept, which I myself don’t fully understand, from Danish to English) of 800 Kroner each. That’s 10 fines of a little over $100 for the tweet.

He didn’t threaten anyone or group. He didn’t mock any person or group. He didn’t degrade any person or group. He was fined for speaking his mind! I don’t like the bastard (I actually truly dislike him!) but he was fined more than a thousand dollars for speaking his mind! Is that Freedom of Speech?

Fuck. No!

Today, February 11th 2016, another Dane was fined for speaking his mind. This time on Facebook. Ole Flemming Nielsen, whom I have no idea who he is or what he does, has been fined 4 ‘day-fines’ of 400 Kroner (somewhere around $70) for writing this on Facebook:

The ideology of Islam is just as disgusting, vile, oppressive and hostile to humanity as nazism”

No threats. No mocking. No degrading. Just a statement of his point of view on Islam. He was taken to court and prosecuted for speaking his mind. Nothing more, nothing less. He spoke his mind using his proposed Freedom of Speech; and has to pay for that.

That’s not Freedom of Speech.

I’ll say whatever the fuck I want, bitch!

This article is written in a somewhat harsher language than I usually use, but there’s a reason for that. The Freedom of Speech can and should be used to offend people at all times. The expression of ideas, however controversial they may be, is paramount to the continuing progress of society.

Speech and actions should offend people. Imagine if they didn’t!

Imagine a world where Rosa Parks never said ”Nah, man, I ain’t moving nowhere!”. Or Martin Luther King Jr. never said he had a dream that one day all men of all creeds and colors would be equal? How about a world where the sufragettes never insisted on equal rights?

Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr. and the suffragettes offended people by voicing their ideas. They offended all those opposed to their beliefs, but they spoke their mind and the world became a better place because of it. Sure, Hitler said some awful things and started a world war, but even the dumbest fuckwit should be allowed to say whatever the fuck he or she wants.

I have noticed you’re doing it to yourselves over there in ‘murica. You’re creating ‘safe spaces’ where certain words and ideas cannot be expressed. Soon this will become law and once something becomes law – such as in Denmark – you are no longer Free.

If you can’t express whatever you want with words then you are oppressed. More so than if you cannot do certain things. Once your words are censored you loose the ability to develop new ideas and new concepts.

You loose what makes you Human.

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Danish Libertarian and adult film producer. Being fed up with living in the 'nanny-state' that is Denmark and hearing it constantly being praised by liberal americans I have decided to speak out against what should be the scariest nightmare for all; the nanny-state governed through parliamentary democracy.